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praise report

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Hi all,

I just wanted to thank all those praying for me and the students I teach and to say that God is showing me some wonderful things and changes are happening. I am sure it is a result of your prayers.

A few of the students have invited me to their faculty appriciation night games, which gives me an opportunity to take some youth from my church. God may be opening a door for some great opportunities for youth to youth ministry, but I am waiting on God to see if that is His idea or mine ;)

God has also been opening up some really good, productive dialogue with some of the other faculty. Some of the things that have come up are crossing over into the witnessing the Spirit is leading me with my mom - there are just so many good things that are crossing over. I am sure this is a season as dry seasons are, but I just want to shout out some joy as it is welling up in me!

It is still hard, but God has been letting me see some of the avenues He can work in, stuff I was blind to. I know He never works in ways I can understand, but He has blessed me with some of His vision and it is filling me with hope.

I must say too that reading posts and the fellowship here has continually been such a blessing to me, even as my offline fellowship has hit a growth spurt.

So please, yes, continue to pray, but I also wanted to give a testimony to what your prayers have been doing.

Shortly after I accepted the Lord, I bought a steno pad where I wrote down all of the prayer requests on one side and figured I would write the answers to prayer in on the other side. (You know how their pages are split in half by a red line? The request went on the left and I anticipated putting in the answer on the right. I smile as I write this) As if answered prayer would come the next day or within the week. Since then I have learned that sometimes that other side doesn't get filled in for years, and sometimes I never get to see what He did. I didn't stop buying steno pads, although now i fill them in all the way across. But this week was a wonderful reminder to me about how sometimes, He does act quickly and does show us things! So thank You TalkJesus church!

God Bless you all!
Your sister,
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Praise the Lord sister. It's good to look back and see what God has done for us. Makes me hungry for how much more He has ahead for me.

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