Praise God in all things

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I just want to.praise God he really blessed me .sometimes when everything looks really bad God can turn it around in a blink of an eye ..thank you Lord for all you do for us .I sold my Bike I have the money to get my Truck out of the repair shop ..1900. Dollars for a tranmission rebuild. .and I also sold a really good job that will pull ne out of the hole Iam in ..all in one day ..
Praise God in good praise God in bad because all thing's work together for the good for those in Christ Jesus amen
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Amen, We can choose to worship and praise God in any situation.
We can give thanks in any situation.

However we don't have to accept the situation as our lot in life nor do we hAve to be thankful for all situations. It is Written the Joy Of Thee Lord Is Our Strength and there is good reason for that.

The strength is there if we choose to access it.

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