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Praise and worship

um, my youth uses congs from Hillsong, United Live (Hillsong youth), CCC Youth... an some older songs, but mainly those three..
well as i had never herd of it. i woudlnt knwo... so yeah you'd have to go with What Amy sed. cos i kinda joind her and Davey's youth group after i got interested... lol so yeah ask Amy... LOL

Love Simon!!!
ccc youth is anuva church in sydney, aus... an they r really kool...look em up on the web, or go 2 a local christian book store an c if they have ne thing by them... they r REALLY good!!!
Hillsongs United

:love: We don't have a youth band at our church just the coir but I would personally also start with Hillsongs United. It has real powerful songs that youth love's to use to express themselves to God.I should know I'm one of them!!!! :shade:
Hey,i have been a praise snd worship leader for the last i don't know how many years!what i can say is that it all depends on the type of the congregation you have in the youth.upbeat songs are more like it , and i particularly like the hillsongs slow rock which tend to sit well with the congregation.what do you think ALlicia?
I love Hillsong I am joining the youth band now so I think I will start with the upbeat and then more intimate worship like here i am to worship or heart or worship
hillsong worship is the best!!! that stuff is powerful! i would recomend it anytime any day. it's good stuff! they said it all above already:)
I am not in a youth band, but i know my friends that are in a youth band have sung I can Only Imagine *drools- i love that song*, and so many more that i could not even begin to list others
The Hillsongs by Darlene Zech are beautifull.

" From the rising of the sun, let His name be praised, from the East to the West........Praise Him in the sanctuary..........."

We sing; my soul say yes, let it rain, I love you lord, dance like david, grateful, there none like you. There is a few very pretty song that my church praise and worship team that made yp a song about amybe 3 or 5 songs. So what eles now there quite alot of song that we sing hehehehehe, hmmmmmmm. Um we sing; Not forgotten, To worship I Live, This is the day and some other song that im not sure thats but there are many more I no is alot lolz hehehehe.. In my church we should sing this one spanish gospel hahahaha hehehe lol
But we use the black gospel song and sometimes i be hearing some spanish gospel songs that be add on too and i just love my church it is real good stuff
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Hillsongs United is totally awesome and it rocks. These songs just speak to you. There is also Planet Shakers, almost like Hillsongs, they are also great.

Our Youth band sings form these two groups mostly, but they have also written their own songs and get their inspiration from these bands.
Gloria a Jesus


Write a new song for the ocassion...Glory to Jesus[/U
or...Glory be to the name of Jesus... pronounce it IAESUS!... Try it polyphonic and use counterpoint in the chorus part...make it a Jingle!...make everybody sing it...like bells... short...then start your concert!

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