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poem from Desree




A New Touch

Heavenly Father, I need a new touch...
For yesterday's touch has faded away!
I need a new touch from You to come,
I need a fresh touch from You today!

I thought Your touch had come to stay.
But all too soon it has faded away.
As storm clouds gathered, then became,
Gray skies full of lightning and rain!

Jesus, if You will give me a new touch,
I will have the strength to live again;
Free from sin and all kinds of strife,
As Your healing touch soothes my pain.

Lord, with a brand new touch from You,
In the darkest night, I can make it through,
Forever, You will be my guiding light,
A touch from You will make things right!

By Your side Lord, I always wish to stay...
Never again, will I choose to go astray!
For by faith Jesus, I know You are the One,
Who came to take the storm clouds away

Glory be to Jesus...I thank You very much,
For the love that gave me a brand new touch.
A touch that has taken all of my fears away,
A touch I can depend upon, come what may!

luv Desree Velez