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Please stick up for Christianity!

this person was considered my "friend" for a long time. He posted this little opinion of his out of the blue. He has diabetes and i believe he's doing this because he blames god for his problems. Please stick up for christianity and not let this go by untouched.

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Grundy, I've been thinking about your friend there and I gotta be honest I don't see this issue as Standing up for Christianity. I see as an angry individiual taking a swipe at God and to get into a discourse with this person is a waste of time and effort. He's/she's angry, they have no intention of examine the truth so why get involved? I see that you are hurt by someone you call a friend and I am really sorry about that, he/she has no right to do that to you. That person is hostile and ignorant. Will he go to hell? No doubt in my mind.
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I agree mymakersdaughter. The person is completely lost in his own opinion (seems to be the the purpose of the site lol). Cheap throws at GOD and no wisdom whatsoever
Sorry your friend has turned on you. His/her website reeks of bitteness and says more about his/her pain than it does about his/her rejection of God. Perhaps if we keep praying that God will break through the pain, this person will come around.

Please hang in there, and don't be too discouraged.