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please read and pray for my son

Dear online Family,
My son is 12 yrs old he was diagnosed at birth with a rare disease called cystic hygroma which is where his lymphatic notes did not fully develope and lymph fluid pours into areas in his neck and face area causing pools where cysts form these cysts arelike spiders they rap around vessels and nerves and drain through his tongue where soars pop and bleed leaking the lymph fluid. He is a believer since age 5 he has had a desire to become a pastor he has a dr in shands medical center which is also a christain she could do surgery but it is very risky these cyst are rapped around very important nerves which cntrol his facial functions if they were to make any mistakes they could snip the wrong nerve he would never be able to smile or blink again which he has a gorgous smile ! his dr gave him the decision to eather recieve sergeryor prayer for healing and trust god to heal him my son told her 4 yrs ago that he will believe God for devine healing they prayed together there in the office for 4 yrs it was almost like non exsistant except for a few bumps on the tongue but today he is really battling the enemy he has a cyst forming under his ear area which is swollen and his tongue is bleeding and very soar he has asked that we all pray for him he wantds a divine healing total deliverence of this and he believes and knows it is Gods will so please pray for him thank you all your sister in christ Michelle Ross
Sister you and your son our in my prayers. We serve an awesome God who is still in the healing business ! Keep strong! If you need anyone to talk with feel free to contanct me ! God Bless you ! Bobbie
Staff Member
Your son is in my prayers sister you keep your faith strong! GOD created you, GOD will heal you in Jesus Christ