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Please Pray for me.. multiple symptoms

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Hi All,

Right now I have had a problem with my right eye with redness and soreness since over a week ago, yet the eye doctor says he does not know what is causing it now. At first it was made irritable due to a contact lens, but I have been wearing my glasses since and the doctor said my eye should be better by now.... so I am afraid about this. Please pray deeply about this to the Lord.

Also, after many years of having acid reflux , the prilosec stopped working a few months ago and no other medicine worked except for Protonix 40 mg twice a day.. my insurance company reluctantly paid for several months worth since I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esopgagus disease. I have lost 30 pounds due to sickness and a bland diet. The Protonix 40 mg twice a day costs $255.00 a month and I in no way have that. I have no family or friends to help either ! I Need this medication to live.

Dear Fellowservant....

Dear Fellowservant,

Thank you very much for adding me to your prayer list, it means more to me than you will know.
Hi Iluvjesus

Thank you so very much for praying for me and for encouraging me that I will be healed ! Do you have a healing ministry :) ?

In Christ,
Lord Jesus I lift this brother up to you in my prayer right now.....Lord Jesus please meet the need here. Dear Lord Jesus bring him through to healing, or supply the medicine need.

Heavenly Father, O LOrd we lift out hearts up to you for the health of this man......
We are all praying for you to be, ok !
Jesus certains is stand by your side !
I am sure you are a Loveble son, He want forget you. Be blessed 1
We are praying.
Dear Artist,

I know that you must feel much anxiety about all of this. Perhaps it will help you to apply Phil 4:4-8 in your situation. If you will follow the instructions and begin to thank or praise the LORD that HE IS LORD OF YOUR SITUATION NOW. Just begin to think and meditate on this fact. You will be much surprised at how the Holy Spirit will use this as an open door of faith to minister to you. All during the day THANK THE LORD THAT HE IS LORD OVER YOUR HEALTH AND SITUATION CAUSED BY YOUR HEALTH. He will begin to give you peace as you move toward him in this faith. Then once you have the peace you will have the freedom to begin to respond to him with more and more faith concerning your healing.

Be encouraged. The LORD is for you and not against you. We simply have to learn how to crack open those doors of faith. He is present. He is willing to minister to you. To confirm Phil.4:4-8 Psalms 50 tells us that thanksgiving makes the way for God's salvation.

May you be at ease as you realize that indeed the LORD is near. And just in case you are interested in natural helps the Garden of LIfe products are truly good for digestive problems.

God bless you
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Brother Robert your in my prayers. I have an issue with redness in my eyes (but from staring at this monitor too many hours a day), but one eye also becoming a "lazy eye" per se.

I will pray that GOD provides for you, which He certainly will! Jesus is our GOD, our *Savior*. He is with us brother. Keep your faith strong!