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Please pray for Mark

I recently met a man by the name of Mark whom used to be a minister of the Word. Mark is bipolar and left ministry because Satan was able to infiltrate his mind and convince him that he could no longer preach the Gospel, that he was worthless and in turn, Mark fell away from God and his faith.

I read Mark's blog this evening and in it was a comment made by someone named Jane who was angry that someone had posted a scripture in a comment left for Mark. Mark also responded to the scripture with, "don't you think I know that?" and I found it to be very disheartening.

Please pray in agreement with me that Mark will be supernaturally moved by The Spirit and run back to the arms of Jesus.

Please also pray with me that this "Jane" person would be convicted in her heart and find the glory of Jesus Christ in her life.
I pray that the Lord will put laborers in both their path and that they will harken unto the Holy Spirit and draw to the Lord. Also that Mark would stop running away from God. That he would return to the call on his life.

In Jesus name,

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

It's so hard when your dealing with Bi-Polar personalities. I adopted a boy who doesn't believe and because of his outburst he is currently in foster care again. I can't imagine the pain of knowing Jesus and then not trusting him. I will pray for him. Proverbs 3:5
I pray for Mark's heart to be softened & for him to be hit with God's Truth in a way he cannot deny.

I'm sensing arrogance....was he really committed to Christ before? I don't know if Mark is the one dealing with arrogance or if it is someone he is in contact with. Maybe the Jane person? I don't know, but it's strong.

Arrogance is the forerunner to rebellion & rebellion is as witchcraft.
I agree Sapphire, and thank you for praying for Mark, he needs it as does Jane. If anyone wants the address to Mark's blog, pm me and I will provide it. Incase you just want to read what Mark is posting and pray for him.

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