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Peace on earth

Most people believe that heaven is a perfect place, where there is no pain, suffering or death. They also believe that in heaven we will have continuous peace and joy. It is generally believed that heaven has these characteristics, because of God’s presence in heaven. It therefore, seems logical that if we must have peace on earth, we must have union of Heaven and Earth.

When God first created the Earth it was prefect. There was no pain, suffering or death. God was present amongst us, and we communicated with him on a regular basis. Human beings trusted God, and he provided them with all their needs. Earth was then part of Heaven, because God was with us. Then pride and selfishness entered our minds. We wanted power, and wanted to control of our own destiny, without depending on God. We felt that, we did not need God’s help, because, we had enough smartness to take care of ourselves. This type of attitude made us selfish. This in turn made us jealous, revengeful and hateful; which in turn brought destruction, war and suffering. Furthermore, by taking God out of our life, we distanced ourselves from Heaven. The love of God is however, infinitely stronger than our selfishness. Therefore, although we had rejected him, He did not reject us. On the contrary, he made a gift of his life to every human being, by coming into this world and sacrificing his own life. In doing this He united Heaven and Earth. This fulfilled the prophesy of Isaiah about the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, those who have gone before us, and have accepted His life, already see the New Jerusalem, which is free of suffering. Those who are presently on Earth and have accepted his life are reborn into His life of love and experience Heaven in their heart, because, God’s kingdom is already established in their heart. The kingdom of God is not in the external but in the heart of those who have accepted His life. They experience God’s peace and feel his presence, in the spirit of love that is in their heart. Their acts of love make God’s presence visible to the world. We see this among people who have given up everything to dedicate their life fully to serving others. We also see this in those who single heartedly seek to love and serve others. Since many of us have only partly accepted His life, and many more have not accepted His life, we continue to see hate in the world. However, when all human beings on earth completely accept God’s life, there will be perfect peace on earth. Then, God’s glory will be fully revealed, and union of Heaven and earth will be completed. In this process of establishing peace on earth, evil (because it has no life sustaining power) will completely destroys itself, and unconditional love (which is life-giving and life-sustaining) will totally fill the earth.

In order to accept God’s life we must trust Him; in order to trust Him we must know Him; in order to know Him we must empty ourselves of selfishness and pride, free ourselves from the noise of the world and humbly come into God’s presence in the quietness of our heart. Then we will be able to hear His voice, meditate on His love and learn to trust Him. In order to empty our selves of selfishness and pride we must make penance and sacrifice. In order to be humble, we must recognize that we are sinners, and that we can do nothing good on our own. In order to bring quietness in our heart we must stay still, remove all thoughts out of our mind and make ourselves aware that God is God. In our prayers, we must accept God’s will unconditionally without even knowing what it is, and make no demand for our own plan. When we trust Him fully and accept His life by living a life love, we will have peace.