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Opening New Worlds

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Microsoft donated computer software valued at approximately $270,000 to Children International. This contribution helps electronically connect Children International’s 19 global locations as well as provide needy children access to additional educational benefits.

The technology upgraded Children International’s 25-year-old VAX system, improving the computer network in its Kansas City home office and creating quicker communication with the project offices where Children International works. The time and money saved with Microsoft’s donation can now go toward helping thousands of children living in poverty.

Also, the contribution gives poor children valuable resources to aid in their learning. This is just one more way Children International can provide educational opportunities to children in need.

“Microsoft had helped us become more efficient and has given the children in our program the chance to enhance their education -- in fact, it has opened entirely new worlds for them!” said Jim Cook, Children International’s President and CEO.
It is exciting to read what God did through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the Children International organization. I don't think the Gates' are Christians. They may think that they thought did this all on their own. How wrong they are if they believe that. It was God all the way . Is 60:5c says, "....to you the riches of the nations will come."

Praise God! :present:
i used to work with a VAX 11/780.

Computer backups, crash recovery, dual system in standby.

Dave777 :^>