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Online Protection & Tips

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Updated the list today with new software for Windows, plus added some MAC software as well.
  2. Just to let you know I am glad I finally made it here at Talk Jesus after encountering some difficulties in my journey toward this wonderful organization.
  3. Added OpenDNS to the list (on top). Check it out, its free and worth it for protection, privacy and filters. Also, added new Firefox add-on extension called WOT. Its also for privacy and protection as well. Both free.
  4. Thank you for the comprehensive list. Some I have already and others I probably need for better protection. Great to find this list also with your intro letter!
  5. Nice job Chad, always looking out for your members i see. ;)
  6. Chad my cousin put firefox on our computer when we first got it and that has been about 5 years ago, and now it won't come up. Do you know what's up with this firefox browser?

    Your sister in Christ, Trish
  7. To give a little more information it is Mozilla fire fox.

    This is what comes up when trying to use it, "firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    The thing is this is been going on for a little while now. Just wondering if you understand it.

    Your sister in Christ, Trish
  8. Thank you Chad, seeing as computers are a way of life now a days, this is very important info you are sharing, and we are still newbies about pc security, so much appreciated.

    Best regards, beam
  9. Thank you. :)
  10. Updated my article as of today:

    - updated links to reflect latest versions per software listed
    - added new security software
  11. hi Chad

    i use SpywareBlaster and Ccleaner and Avira Antivir Personal - Free Antivirus program, all of which are free, i love Ccleaner for cleaning all un-needed cookies from the computer, its the best i've tried and i've used it for years and they update it often,

    i had used Windows Defender but got bugs / trogens so i deleted it and got the Avira and it found the bugs and got rid of them, i feel safe with the Avira now,

    i think its a good thing for you to post this information for people,
  12. thank you for software sharing

    it's very good for me
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    Thank you for this Chad! I have installed 3 things you listed up there, AVG Anti-virus, ZoneAlarm and K9 Web-Protection. K9 is amazing and helps me resist all the terrible temptations on the internet. God Bless!!
  14. Updated today to add some software and update other info.
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    Chad, props to you for this great list. Especially for mentioning OpenDNS. I personally use it, and it works wonders at preventing malware/botnets, and even better filtering.

    Here's my contributions to this list.

    Generic things you can do to minimize the attack surface:

    - Use SSL (https), Example: there is an option on Facebook, Gmail etc to force your connection to use SSL. If Chad wants to add this, I could provide a tutorial on how to do this with screenshots. Don't connect to these crucial services without checking that you do see the correct domain and SSL encryption!

    - Chad, your link to securing wireless networks is broken :( Anyway, here's a more comprehensive and detailed guide. Hopefully you'll excuse me for posting this link. (piece it together, Chad ;) )

    Very detailed and easy to follow.

    Oh, more on the wireless network side. AP Isolation, if you have many people using your internet connection (family members, etc and guests) I'd suggest you enable this feature on your router.

    Taken from the Cisco forums:

    "Verbatim Definiton:
    Creates a separate virtual network for your wireless network. When this feature is enabled, each of your wireless client will be in its own virtual network and will not be able to communicate with each other. You may want to utilize this feature if you have many guests that frequent your wireless network.

    A prime example would be like in a hotspot (e.g. coffeeshop like Starbucks, hotels) wherein a lot of computers connect randomly to the network. Since all computers are connected to 1 single network there is a possibility that they could access each other which may result in unwanted hacking. AP isolation will help prevent this by making each and every single computer a separate entity on their own. "

    - Being a Linux user, I kinda have to lecture about this. Don't use the root (administrator) account if you don't have to! Just don't touch it.

    Oh Chad, would it be possible to add a Linux section? If you could, here's my contributions to it.

    That's a guide for security on Ubuntu Linux (most of it could apply to Debian Linux), really, comprehensive.

    - That's all for now. :)
  16. Updated today. Updated wireless security tips article link, removed old software, added some new, updated some links.
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    Hi all here.

    Been looking around where to rightly put this thread, i just need some help with my internet connection, if any one know and help please?

    I just bought my modem last month and since then til now i'm experiencing difficulty in using the net due to connectivity issues. When I run the trouble shoot dialogue box, sometimes result says IP conflict, another computer in the network has the same IP address with mine. Another issue is the connection is broken unplug the modem or re-start. I went already to my Internet Service Provider and showed them the problem, but they said they do not know how to fix the problem.. hmmmm. I can only connect to the internet in few minutes, then after that a yellow triangle on the internet window icon appears, and i cannot connect anymore.

    Please if any one has the idea how to fix this, please let me know. Thank you very much.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus.
  18. What operating system are you using dear sister?

  19. thanks Sis. Julia. It's Windows 7.
  20. Greetings again Rey

    Wanting to help you as I would not want you to not be able to get online and fellowship here
    Have pm'ed you dear sister

    Bless you

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