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On the mend

I finally got the attack I was expecting yesterday.The spirits didnt have any noticable power I dismissed them.Funny thing if a demon is going to verbally accuse me if I can get away with it I will demand thier name.Not like this one monster I have been at odds for for awhile. He must be busy with other fights I hope it stays that way. Very unpleasant character.Lives here in Berkeley as well and is a practicing devil we share some ancestral lines but that is 250 years ago.I ..I cooked a meal for the first time in a while and shed a few tears.I dont know why but in these trying times it seems that is what I do everytime I prepare a meal just for myself. I guess if Imgoing to do this music thing and work locally I cant expect trouble.I got kicked out of a restaurant sports bar once years back.I showed the cook my bible.there was no way the bartender could see me doing it.But I sat down and he immediatly acussed me of dancing on the tables one night.Great story Never did it but its testimony to what can happen.Peace GBU all Christan
Sounds like you have a lot going on. Interesting how we can be accused of things that are not the truth eh?
Hang in there Christan. We are rooting for you.