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Obedience vs works

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It seems many Christians today don't know the difference between works and obedience. Somewhere along the way some churches have either gotten confused, or deliberately twist the truth.

Now of course it's true we are NOT saved by works. But what IS a work.
A work could be something like... tithing, giving to the poor. Volunteering to witness. Volunteering to feed the hungry. Helping someone in the church move.
Being a deacon in the church. Being a janitor in the church. Teaching Sunday school. Going on a missions trip and helping to build a new church.
Being a cook at the church camp-out. Setting up the chairs in the sanctuary on Sunday morning. A work is a "good thing" we do for God. (there are wicked works as well)
Visiting someone in prison might be work. Visiting a sick person in the hospital might be a work. Giving to the needy might be a work.
Helping an elderly person across the street, or to their car. Pushing a handicapped person out to the bus. Hopefully you get the idea here.

Now while none of things are sin. Doing them won't save you. There are plenty of generous giving people in the world that think by doing enough "good deeds", I'm good enough.
I'm a good person. I don't need Jesus, I made it on my own. God won't punish me, I'm a ... "good person".

On the other hand we have sin. Now while there may not be a specific verse that says obeying God will help us get to heaven... there are dozens that say
sin and disobedience will keep us out of heaven. Sin is breaking any of God's rules or commandments. Sin is disobeying anything God tells you to do.

So one thing we need is Jesus. It is a requirement to believe in Jesus. It is a requirement to believe in the resurrection of Jesus.
It is a requirement to believe Jesus is the Son of God, and He died for your sins. It is a requirement to believe He isn't dead anymore.

But faith alone isn't enough either. Even the demons believe. The Bible has several passage about people who "believe" in Jesus but still won't make it to heaven.
James says faith alone won't save anyone.
The Bible says we have to repent of our sins. That means quit, stop, cease and desist. It doesn't mean I hate sin. It doesn't mean I "want" to stop sinning.
It means you actually have to stop sinning.

There are dozens of passages in the Bible that warn of people who think they are saved because they believe in Jesus, but aren't allowed into heaven.
Now it doesn't mean you have to be perfect. You may never be perfect. But it does mean you can't let sin control you. You can't be a slave to sin.
You can't "live in" sin. You can't practice sin.

There are sins we do sometimes... not every day. Maybe not every week. Maybe not even for a couple of months. But maybe it happens every now and then.
Maybe there are even new sins. Maybe I see sin in my life I didn't even notice a few months/years ago. Maybe the Holy Spirit is convicting you to stop.

Obedience and repentance are required. Faith alone doesn't save you.
If you've been living in fornication for years and years, even after you became a Christian..... you're in serious trouble and you need to repent.
If you've been having an adulterous affair for years and years after you became a Christian.... you're in danger of losing your soul, you need to repent.
If you've been looking at pornography and lusting for years and years... you need to confess to God, repent and quit doing these sins.
If you've been practicing homosexuality for years and years after you became a Christian... you're not going to enter the kingdom of heaven.
You have to stop... you have to quit. You have have to repent. If you're still a slave to the same sin for years and years... you haven't repented.
These are just a few examples, but there are many many more.
If you're still practicing the same sins everyday that you were doing decades ago... you haven't repented. But you must.
It is an absolute requirement.

Now while good deeds may not save you. Sin and non-repentance can certainly keep you from being saved.
You don't have to be perfect. But you can't keep living in sin.

The people in Matt 7:21-33 thought they knew Jesus, they believed in Him... but it wasn't enough.
The 5 five foolish virgins thought they knew Jesus, they believed in Him... but it wasn't enough.
All three servants in the master house were given talents by the master, but only two of them were saved.
All seven churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 believed in Jesus. Most of them were churches Paul ministered to.
But 5 of them received warnings that they won't make it to God, unless the repent.
Jesus said unless you repent, you will also die.
Paul says if you're constantly obeying sin, you're a slave to sin... and that results in death.
Peter said some men... are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.

If you haven't repented. Get on your knees right now. Confess your sin to Him (He already knows about it anyway)
ask for forgiveness... and repent.
awesome write up brother !! and can so relate, growing up catholic I thought most of my life all I had to do was confess my sin to a priest and I was good to go for heaven, yet when I did that I never actually stopped sinning, I practiced sin on a regular basis, but since I confessed once a week I thought it did not matter God had to forgive me, MAN was I wrong,

I think many new believers really do not understand what repent means, not until I got on my knees and prayed and prayed to God was I freed from the strong hold sin had on me, and it was not that easy I also had to fast every time I slipped up and sinned, but eventually I was freed from it.

I think you you had a typo in the first sentence?

Now of course it's true we are saved by works

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