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Obama and the Antichrist Stage

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by rhomphaia, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. anti christ!

    wondering where I was when all this Obama debate was at its highest... almost a year later i would love to know whether some opinions have changed.
    The word of God speaks of the rulers of the earth... so just think about every president and Kings of the world in one way or another contributing to the journey to the antichrist. look at regional blocs- Think the USA, The Eu and the Arab league etc- so the journey to the anti christ isnt driven by just one person. for instance Obama's role could be on the bio ethical issues of our time as well as nuetralising the 'animosity' or negative shroud around islam and uniting the world with a strange wave of hope. but really i wouldnt be in a hurry to point at him being the anti christ. I think its another of those things people say when there is no other reason to justify somethings. at one point it was pope John Paul who many knew was the AC but then he died and now we have a replacement.
    I find the obama antichrist debate steming alot from america , for many reasons and sentiments, that we can't find in Africa. Africa is just happy for the son of the soil, even the devot christians are praying for the dude. It jst sounds funny in my ears and probably many in Africa to hear that he is being thot as Anti christ. Any Democrat of a president would have passed those policies anyway in the US.
    of course i have worries about those policies and his position on the middle east especially isreal, but I don't see it being him... if we are to go by conspiracy or even reading through the book of revelation , i would scrutinise the Eu more than any place. But really at the end of the day the signs go beyond personalities, but events, catastrophies and behavior etc and we have every chance to be ready for the Lord's return individually. for me the big question is what am i doing to be all set when the Lord returns, now that the signs seem to be glaring.
    The antichrist debate is the type that can distruct young and growing christians from the foundations of the faith; see with or without knowing who the antichrist is, others signs are obvious, plus, many christians are dying before that time. Means that everyday.we must lead the genuine christian life and that will help us be bold and strong in the faith when the hour comes and even when the Lord calls us.
  2. It could easily be taken that way as you are isolated from what is really happening here.
    Also only one other Democrat has tried this and (thank God) failed miserably.
    Perhaps you do not know it but Federal funding for abortion is tied directly in this horror of a bill. God does not bless the murder of innocent children.
  3. Hi Boanegges.

    yes thank God it never worked with a previous president and Certainly God is still in control

    but I mean that the democrats intentions in one way or another a similar and the same issues could surface under a democratic presidency,even without B.O at least in my thinking.

    Certainly we are isolated in one way - but there is alot of convergence in the media that we are able to know as much about what is going on.

    Across Africa, the majority christian or not would certainly be horrified with a leader pushing for abortion, much less gay rights, and a leader who stood boldly for that would equally come under fire, but i doub't he would be related to the antichrist, though christians would still intercede for their countries.

    Actually if we are to talk of Antichrist in Africa , we could easily point at rebel leaders like Joseph Kony, Jonas Savimbi, Sankoh etc as well as some of the horrible dictators. but does the rest of the world think they are the Antichrist?
  4. Like Obama they are anti-christ in spirit and purpose but not The actual anti-christ (there are many 1John 2:18).
    It is remarkable the shear amount of corruption this man has forced on the public. Even to the point of making a self admitted pervert (who openly wants to send young children to gay bars, give them illustrated books about gay sex and etc) our "safe school czar". Truly the most corrupt and ungodly administration I have ever seen. The Bible does however have this to say to him:
    Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    May God have mercy on his soul and save him.

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