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O.K. Time to own up

I have been leading somewhat a double life.... I am addicted to drugs....speed, herion.anything really. This has been going on for over a year now and I came to TJ not for conviction but to convict those that helped my wife..anyway Im over that now but God has been doing stuff in my life. I am not a good husband and Ive learnt that through TJ. through God maybe. Ive learnt that I cant do this addiction thing on my own either. Please dont say go to rehab because that is not possible. We live like 300ks from the nearest rehab and theres months of waiting....We are allso 50ks from the nearest place for me to get any drugs, so its me and this screen thats it....Today is day 5 with nothing....please help.ok.........

I used again, day 1 try again
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Hi MrPopples, praise God for your honesty. It's the first step in changing...admitting to yourself that there is a problem. I'm no expert on rehab, but maybe I can offer something.
Ok...let's step this out.

1. Have you prayed & asked God for forgiveness? If not, stop right now & do that. If you aren't a Christian, let God speak to your heart & accept His salvation.

2. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it to day 5. Hallelujah!! Never forget to thank God for each day you are clean. It is ultimately Him anyway, whether or not you are in rehab.

3. Learn how to praise God. Each time a craving hits you, give praise to God for keeping you safe during this time of usage & praise Him for bringing you out of it. Keep praise music going in your home & wherever you can. satan will try to whisper things to you to bring you back to his world, but he can't stay where praises are genuinely offered to God.

4. Read your Bible daily and as often throughout the day as you can. Start with claiming Jeremiah 29:11.

5. Ok, now look at your diet. Chances are, it wasn't the most healthy thing. Make some changes to eat healthier. Don't do something drastic all at once. Too much too soon will probably deter you from staying with it - it does most people. Just be gentle with yourself.

6. Water, water, water. Drink it & lots of it. At least 8 glasses a day, more if you drink colas or coffee. You need to flush toxins from your body to lessen the cravings. Water is the only way to do that effectively.

7. Exercise. Again, nothing drastic right now. But enough to get the blood pumping. That will also help flush the toxins from your system.

8. Don't forget to reward yourself for goals. Once you are clean for a certain number of days, do something for yourself & your wife. A movie, a dinner date, etc. It's about her too. You are giving her back a healthy, loving husband.

I hope this helps...I'll be praying for you & have already prayed.


Hey Mrpopples,
that is so good that you are going to sort out your life.
There are so excellent testimonies about addictions under "Testimonies" on this site.
One life story is by "calvinearl" it is titled " Addiction is not Discriminatory"
take care mrpopples.
i know its realy hard

Hello we met yesterday in chat! I am Hanni

It is the hardest thing to be honest but like not with other people i rekon, but with yourself yeah? and that is the bit where you canot fool yourself ya know?

Ok so like i am also trying to stop doing stuff Mr Popples and it aint easy! so like i do know what you are on about. I did two eight days without and then went on a bender again but so like five days is sooo kool yeah!!!

just watch out for stuff that makes you mad that make you think it aint worth it because it will surely trip you up. So i am lookin to make like a plan of what i will do when that happens so that i have a excape that is not wrong like....coming and talking to people and not taking drugs or coming into tj and getting some prayers yeah?? It is better than feelin like so bad about stuff and going back on it.

Also i know why i drink and have been drinkin more than ever the last two months so like do you know why you take drugs because that is like the only way to make it like you dont need it other wise you can get off it and then you go back on it again.
OH ALSO saphire wrote down a really good list that i copiyed down also. so like some of those things are realy helpful.

talk to me Mr Popples and i will keep ya compant when you feel like realy bad and also scrappy is good at taking ya mind off stuff and he makes me laugh like soooo much.

keeps me occupyed

it is good to come in here!
Hang in there brother . You are going to make it ! :thumbs_up You have taken the best step by starting this thread . You are not alone . Mike
ok . . .after falling off my chair a couple of times and rereading this over twice. . .

here are my thoughts mrpopples:

if you only have this screen . . .make the best out of it!!!

there is plenty of opportunity to get sermons, online counseling, worship music, prayer and fellowship till your ready for more on regular bases. . .

i wont put links in here . . .but you know what sites im talking about . . .

-Joel Osteen

-John Bevere

-Brian Houston

-Charles Stanley

-Bayless Conley

. . ..all wonderful men of God who are blessed to speak to your heart mrpopples. . .God will reach you . . . if you keep searching and keep your eyes, ears, heart and spirit open for Him :love:

check their websites . . .AND . . .i know you have the money to go . . .soooo: Try to sign up for the hillsong men conference in Sydney end of October

Thats all I want you to do so far :love: We love you and will keep you in our prayers :love:

above all on top: I am sooo thankful for God leading you back to TJ over and over and over :love:
and im thankful for your new passion: POSTING to threads Good job!!! cu later :love:
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oh . . .i was just having an extended thought you could even take mat with you to the men conference :love: how cool would that be
Well done brother - may the Lord strengthen your resolve.You are a victim of a social evil and not a bad person. I pray that you will be able to focus on all that is good in your life and marriage and that someway you will find the back up you need at this time.God Bless.

Hey mate! Trust in God, and He will help you to overcome this addiction. You're not a bad person, by any means, and the fact that you asked your fellow christians for advice shows that the Lord abides in you. Pray earnestly for what you need, and the Lord will give you the help that you need.

God bless you,
Tom. =)
I have been in your situation and have now been clean for 3 years now. My advice to you is cut your circle of friends, this is what I did, also take each day at a time. If I can do it, so can you. I believe your a strong person and well done for been off for 5 days, your almost there. Ill pray for you, Blessings Rebecca
Hey Mr.Popples

Coming on here and confessing is a big step and I have no doubt your made of the right stuff to beat it! Heres a link since I dont know what to say to help, so I hope this might help at least a little or at least make for interesting reading. May God bless you and I sincerely wish you all the best.

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Mr popples,

I just wanted to let you know your not alone my brother. I have also had to carry the burden of knowledge of deception before in my past. I am also a recovering meth and heroin user. I was addicted to the stainless steele as much as the drugs themselves. Know that people here love you bro and if there is anytime you need to talk pleas hit me up.

Love your brother in Christ,

Robert- Newlife4ever