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Northern Ireland

Could I ask you today if you would remember Northern Ireland in prayer please? There was civil unrest here last night. There was some the night before, but not as widespread as last night. I personally knew nothing about it until walking to church this morning I saw there were two burnt out cars outside our church, where they were blocking roads. It's the same all over our town and towns throughout Northern Ireland. Prayer would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

You know all here at TJ will be in prayer with you for peace in Northern Ireland, and for the safety of your family.

Love your sis in Christ,
Mary :girl:


i heard it hasn't subsided yet

i pray that the Lord may enter the hearts of those involved and give them peace and love and bring them to understanding and not conflict. i ask this Lord in the name of your Son Jesus, through Whom all things come


God bless

Just to give anyone who is praying a bit of an update. This situation is being locallised to one county in Northern Ireland, which just happens to be mine. Things seem pretty bleak - churches were advised last night not to hold services, same with things taking place on weekday nights as police cannot guarantee peoples safety or that of their cars. As people are driving in the streets they are being stopped for their cars which are then burned. Shops and banks were burned last night. Shops and businesses are being asked to close mid afternoon. Please keep praying, it's much appreciated.

I pray we are not heading back to the old days of prejudice and hatred.I pray our political leaders will be strong in the face od adversity.God keep you and yours safe and may peace prevail.


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