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No racism?

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Hekuran, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Surprised to note that on talk jesus there's hardly any discussion of the rising tide of racism. Here in the UK there atmosphere is increasingly sour, and my black friends say they are feeling more uncomfortable than they have in years. Also following events in the USA with horror.

    It doesn't look like the community in general is overly concerned about this. Is that a misapprehension on my part?
  2. A lot of people these days would call me a racists because I am white and 69 years old and must be racist, especially because I am a veteran and fly / honer the flag. Something should be done about the Skin head-Nazis, they discuss me but, I fought for their right to hate and be stupid ....not violet. That also goes for all the left wing nuts too. Now any of them and the agitators that promote violence need to go. The community in general need to be concerned about all these people and their racist badgering... don't think the majority sees racism as much a left wing propaganda like GEORGE SOROS, using his billions to promote dysfunction and the left playing the racist card!
  3. There's a Brother I knew who has since gone to the Lord, but at the time was not saved who once told me "they'll be fighting in the streets". I would call it anarchy.

    Sadly, I do believe the cause is simple. The most obvious to us believers is that it is not having Jesus as their Savior that is the real problem. Everything else is a by product of that.

    So, besides the obvious and attempting to break it down on the greater perception of what has been a possibility existing there all along really becomes why now, why worldwide, also one can include how is it happening?

    We can attribute the worldwide occurrence, to technology that allows almost instantaneous communication. So, what is happening in a small part of say a very large country like the USA is presented immediately, sometimes even as the events are happening to a global community tied together as never before. Also, it doesn't require much research or in fact any research to have these events presented to you. Social media, meant for entertainment has also become something used to also instigate social reform. At least attempts to do this are not as rare as one would thing. Another reason that China and similar governments control this. So, successfully while others not so much.

    I could go on with this, but it would take a while to do and dinner prepared by beautiful wife that God has blessed me with!!

    Short and sweet..........prejudices have always been there, but with the breakdown/respect for authority/law what prevents anyone from acting out against what they believe is wrong with their communities, and respective countries? Couple the media whose focus is what???

    Got to go brother.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus. Which the World dearly needs.
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  4. Racism is very real and alive. I think it is an uncomfortable topic for many.

    I know it is alive I could share many stories. So I agree with you that it is a problem.
    Unfortunately it is often those who feel the pain or the oppression that will bring up a topic for discussion.

    For example it was primarily women who led the women's suffrage movement because they were the ones feelings oppressed, though a small number of men supported the movement.
    It was many African Americans that lead the civil rights movement, though a small number of whites did support.
    Currently it is currently LGBT individuals (though I don't support their cause) leading their movement, though there are a few straight people supporting it.

    So I think because unfortunately many that have a certain privilege may be unaware of the discrimination that others go through and they are less aware that it is a problem.
    For example, you can walk outside and see a poor person and want to help. You can walk outside and see people with sicknesses and want them to feel better from cancer.
    Which is why those issues Christians of all colors easily gather around. However, one of the dominant culture may not see the way that an African Americans for example may
    get looked at funny when they walk into a store, or may not know their story as to being denied a job because of their color of their skin(though that is extremely had to prove).
    Or they might have never experienced being pulled over by the police for no reason at all, besides looking "suspicious".

    So I would say, and I say this in love, that many are blind to the extent of racism because it is not something that can easily be seen like poverty and diseases.
    As a result many may not be aware, and those that may be aware may not have the passion to talk about it because they don't experience it or cannot relate to the struggle.

    So yea, I'm with you, racism is real and I think we need to talk about it more.

    I also think that the enemy can use it to divide very easily as we should remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. So as Christians we should ultimately
    try to point the discussion back to the Bible and how the devil is the true enemy that tries to have people view others, made in God's image, as of lesser value.
    So more discussion needs to be had, and it should be centered on the Bible, because if it isn't than the devil can use it to make those who are oppressed and may feel oppressed,
    to have strong feelings of hatred toward their oppressors. But Jesus reminds us to love all, even our enemies. So while the discussion of racism often ends up being one where
    the finger is pointed and people end up getting defensive and shutting down, it does need to be had. It needs to be acknowledge as being there, but should be brought back to the Bible so
    the devil cannot hijack the conversation to be one that hatred or blaming dominants it.
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  5. Thanks for that response.

    If we are to live up to our calling as salt and light of the world, then racism is one of the areas that we must address.

    The early church was completely radical in that it was multicultural. Jews and Greeks ate together as visible sign to the world that God had overcome all boundaries to create a new kind of community. It very clearly was not easy -- much of the New Testament letters is taken up with the complexities of these differences.

    When Paul wrote, 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus', it was not because life was harmonious in the Galatian church, it was because the fellowship was near breaking point over cultural and racial traditions.

    It is all the more important for those of us that are in positions of privilege to use our position of strength to the benefit of those who are in positions of weakness. There are many things we can do. Cultivate relationships with people who are not from the same racial or cultural background as us. Challenge our preachers and teachers - 'when will you next address issues of race in your teaching programme?' Be inquisitive and empathetic about the experiences of others. Be hospitable. When contentious issues arise, make sure that your voice is heard speaking out for justice.
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  6. We can do is pray for the situation which is not good and for those who involved in it on one side or the other. For ourselves, we can strive to do what Jesus would do if He were here in our shoes. We need to ask God to help us to know what it is we are to do and what we are not to do. He always knows the answers. Too many people are not asking of Him:

    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
    For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. " Matt 7:7-8

    Praying now for the situation!
  7. Racism or prejudice has always existed, and will always exist while sin still exists on this earth. And, it isn't just white against black, but it is black against white, men against women, women against men, rich against poor, and poor against rich, the educated against the uneducated, and the uneducated against the educated, the strong against the weak, and the weak against the strong, and one religion hating people of another religion, etc. So, to some extent, this is just sin doing its work in people's hearts and people choosing to follow the lies of Satan instead of choosing to follow God with their lives. Yet, the Bible does tell us that in the last days these things will be much worse, and that the hearts of many will grow cold. And, the only solution to this is absolute faith and trust in Jesus Christ, for only God can change our hearts and turn them from darkness to light. So, the action each one of us should be taking is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around us so that many people will hear and will know and will believe the truth, will be delivered from bondage to sin and will now be able to walk in freedom and in Christ's righteousness and holiness.

    Yet, I would join brother Nick in asking the questions -

    Those are excellent questions, and ones I believe we should attempt to answer. And, I believe we will find the answers in scripture, such as in the book of Revelation and other passages of scripture (OT and NT) which point to the events of these last days and describe what they will be like. But, I think we need to look particularly at Revelation 13. And, we need to ask ourselves how, in all practicality, this will be or is being accomplished, i.e. this conquering of people's, nations and followers of Christ. And, herein I believe you will find your answer as to why now, why worldwide, and how it is happening, and also why it is taking place. I believe this "beast" is rising, and has been rising for some time now, and it has been in process of conquering people's, nations and Christians for many years (not sure how many).

    These kinds of things don't happen over night. So, one of the things they do is go into nations and they stir up strife, prejudice, etc., and they pit people one against another, and prey on people's weaknesses, because it is out of chaos that the New World Order will rise and will take over the world, which is what is happening right now, and many of our governments are party to this. So, what this means is that many of these uprisings and racial tensions are being orchestrated by world powers and for the very purpose to break down nations and to conquer people's so that they can bring "order" out of "chaos." I have seen the same M.O. take place over the past 11 years in country after country after country, and now here in America, too. And, the purpose is to bring us all under one global totalitarian rule. But, these things must take place.

    So, what do we do? We commit our lives to our God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - we obey him in every way we know, we serve him with all of our hearts, we rid our lives of all impurity and everything which hinders our walks of faith, and we pray, and we share the gospel of Jesus Christ, because only salvation from sin through faith in Christ will change people's hearts. And, many need to hear the gospel before Jesus returns.
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  8. Racism is only another word for hate. I was born and raised in the southern part of America. The south rightly or wrongly has always been known as a racist place. My parents never taught us to hate those of other races, cultures and beliefs. I never remember a single comment against blacks or Jews.

    As a child I always wondered why people blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus. The Bible is very clear that He was offered up as a propitiation for our sin. The Jews were just instruments of that sacrifice. We lived in an area of black and white folks. We never had any conflicts all until the integration mess started in the 50's. Then all of a sudden I couldn't go places I formerly went.

    The hypocritical north had some violent riots when their schools were integrated.

    As a Christian truly born again as a brand new creation and baptized in the Holy Spirit I hate no man or race of people. I am an emissary for God to bring to reconcile men to God. Anyone professing to be a Christian and hating others is self deceived.

    1 John 4:20 KJVS
    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

    Having kept children of other races I know that you can love any child. I've heard people say they couldn't love any child but their own. They're ignorant of the ways of the heart. After a short time with any child love will begin to bloom. Love is color blind.

    If a person has truly become a new creation in Jesus the Christ and baptized in the Holy Spirit there comes an implanted love of God that yearns to labor in the reconciliation between man and God. Color is no more an issue to a real Christian than shoe size.
  9. Thanks for that. I strongly believe that in this area prayer alone is not enough. We must also take on the responsibility to be agents of healing, reconciliation and justice. When prayer and action go hand in hand there is the possibility of true transformation of our societies.
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  10. I agree.

    In the past racism was easy to spot. We had laws in the USA that were racist. We had slavery as the rule of the land and later separate but equal laws.
    Now that these laws are no longer on the books, it seems hard for some people to realize that racism is still real. Let me give two concrete steps towards
    making things better.

    (1) Acknowledge the problem

    We as a body of Christ cannot move forward if we do not see that something is a problem.
    So we need to first acknowledge that racism exist and it is real even if we do not personally experience it.
    In addition to acknowledging the problem we should acknowledge our role in it. If we were honest, if I was honest,
    I think everyone black, white, brown, yellow, etc, can think of a time when they had negative thoughts towards another
    human being created in God's image which had some roots in race, ethnicity or culture. If we do not acknowledge our
    part than we will be expecting everyone else to change without trying to change as well ourselves.

    (2) Know that you can make a difference

    Often times, and this applies to me also, I look at the problem and it seems so big that I think that I can't do anything to change it.
    The truth is, the best place to start is within your circle of influence. When you are in a situation when you are in a homogeneous group
    of the same background and someone wants to make fun of someone of another race/culture, you be the one to say no that is not
    right. Don't laugh at the inappropriate jokes, even if you are not the one making them. As you shine that light in your circle of influence
    you have know idea how God can use that to allow those around you to shine the light to others and continue the cycling exponentially.
    Remember, our job is not to determine any outcome, that is God's job, we are just to be faithful in doing what we know is right, and leave
    the results to him.

    (3) Realize the true enemy

    As someone said, racism is nothing more than hate. Well I kinda agree with that and I disagree at the same time. I disagree because to some
    calling it simply hate seems to minimize it. It seems as an attempt to take it out of the special category call racism and put it with every other type
    of hateful behaviors. For example, most of you I assume would agree that pedophilia or other behaviors in which adults force themselves upon children
    for their sexual pleasures is wrong. However I seldom hear anyone make that argument that pedophilia is nothing more than lust. In a sense, yes that
    is true it is just lust, but some make take that response as minimizing the damage done to the victims.

    On the other hand, I do agree that it is nothing more than hate in the sense that the devil is at the source and ultimately the devil and his demons
    are the ones whispering the racist thoughts in our minds, or lead society in a direction that we have become programmed to have these thoughts automatically.
    For the person who is the victim of discrimination based on race they should realize that their true enemy is not the person being mean to them but the devil.
    As a result the victim should seek to forgive, and those spectating should get expose the works of evil and stand up for the vulnerable.

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