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Night Light.....

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Just a little poem I wrote when I was in prison that I want to get down on computer as I try and polish it up some. So I am feading two birds with one crumb. :love: I changed that old expression up because I don't like killing to birds with one stone very well.
Night Light...
Mommy please leave on the night light,
I'm scared of shadows in the night.
There my darling child just for you,
What else would you like me to do?
Please stay until I fall asleep,
I promise not to say a peep.
I'm here baby, right by your side,
In my loving arms you can hide.
Now Mother's gone and out of sight,
Who will give my dark hour light?
I will my dear child, just for you,
There is nothing I can not do.
Now who will hold me while I weep,
Since Mother has fallen asleep?
I am my child right by your side,
In my loving arms you can hide.
I am your Father all is right,
I am Christ your heavenly light.
Copyright ©2005 Sean Goodman
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