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nice to be here

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by semiotician, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hello, I am happy to be here and hope to meet new friends. :)
  2. Jesus saves.

    welcome to the family,
    God bless you....
  3. Hello there dear sister and welcome to TJ.

    Please take the time to read all the rules. Ten commandments, editing rules and etiquette rules for your own benefit. These are located here:

    This is the best place for good fellowship and growing in your walk with Jesus.

    Look forward to speaking with you in live chat.

    God bless

    LLJ :love: :rainbow: :rose:
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    ms moderator
    yes m'am i did read all the rules and regulations and things and understand and will comply 100%

    thank you very much

    God bless you

    God bless you too rizen1, thank you for the warm greeting

    He has Risen!! HE IS COMING SOON

    Praise Him,

  5. Welcome to the forums sister. Hope you enjoy the fellowship here.

    GOD bless you
  6. wow thank u

    thanks you are all very nice God bless you 2 tim 3 for such a nice greeting

    i do believe forgiveness is the cornerstone of Christianity


    In Christ, S.
  7. You are welcome.......We want to bless Jesus.

    Hang around and be blessed.....
  8. Be Blessed

    You are all blessed!!!! :boy_hug: :girl_hug:

    Love this place so far

    In the Love of Christ Jesus :love: :love:
  9. Hey semiotician, Welcome to Talk Jesus. I'm glad you joined and I hope you find a lot of friends here. Thanks for reading the rules. I can already tell you will be a blessing to this site. God Bless
  10. Welcome Semiotician. I pray that you enjoy yourself here and that you find the site edifying.

  11. very cute stuff

    cody, your graphic is a crack up... and spiritleded, your quote at the end there, with the coin, can i steal that?? so cute!! thank you both for such a warm greeting here at TJ

    God bless you all abundantly, S.
  12. No problem on using that quote. Go ahead. I basically stole it from my pastor. LOL!


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