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New Site Design

Do you like this design?

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    Votes: 21 84.0%
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    Votes: 2 8.0%
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Staff Member
Thinking about refreshing the forum designs and looking for member input! I'm looking to update the theme on the site to something more minimalist, yet colorful and modern. The theme we have now is nearly 2 years old. Time for a refresh. I'm looking at this unique design that I think look bright, colorful and still a clean, easy layout.

I'm fiddling around with the live demo and this is a general idea of what it would look like with beautiful graphics I'll be using. I'll even randomly rotate some of the category graphics depending on hot topics in bible studies, holidays, etc! It's beautiful I think and fresh, clean. It looks alive and welcoming, modern.

Please note this is a basic example, not final. The final result would be vastly improved and polished.





I like the current lay out just fine, I personally do not think 2 years is not old, I say leave it alone come back in 5 years and maybe do a update. Thats just me I still use the same accounting software for my business thats was built in 2002, and it works great for me, there are only but so many features people use.
I love the way the proposed design looks, Chad. Very modern and fresh! Naturally, you'll always have the people that hate change, but that will always be the case. I'm like you, I like things refreshed every now and then.
Current design looks great because you see all forum details and all statics just with minimal scroll and no graphics standing in the way. You see that side bar on the right showing online details, discussions and who did what.

As long new site does not disrupt ease of use on the current functionality, i believe change is still good.
Staff Member
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Looking to get some more feedback from other members.
Themes are a great refreshing way to keep things from looking like the same old same old so for me, well change is good.

Now just remember sometimes during a simple theme change you can still get some bugs to work out and if this should happen, well just be patient for it is in good hands.

Blessings and the best to you Sir and your changes
I think it's lovely. I am new here. A few days ago I wrote my testimony. I am a fairly new Christian, but I don't know very well how to get around on this site.