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new member

Hi my name is Evelyn I'm from the U.S. I was just looking around the web for christian sites and found this one it seems very friendly and helpful and boy can I use both of them now. I'm a mother of 3 and I'm also agrandmother of 2. A young grandmother. I've been a christian for quite some time , but all of my friends around here have fallen away from their faith .So I'm looking for some support in my faith and some one to talk to about it and share some of my thoughts. To help me stay strong for God . :confused: :
You are very welcome here ! :love: There are plenty of great friends that would be delighted to help you . Please let me know if I can help you in any way . GBU Mike
Welcome to Talk Jesus Evelyn!!!!!!!!

Hi Evelyn,
Welcome to Talk Jesus! I hope you enjoy this site, i do! Since you are looking for support in your faith and someone to talk to and help to keep you strong for God, you have found the right place!!!!

I look forward to talking to you!

Love in Christ,
Jenn :rose:
Jenn thank you for your welcoming and friendly reply.I don't know exactly what to say this is the first time I've done this.
Hello! I also just joined the site just last night actually, it's funny because I came for the same reason. I was looking for a place of peace to come of people who knew the Lord! It seems to be refreshing. God bless you! Continue to come here, the people do seem to be friendly although it's just my second day, but they all seem to be very loving and friendly unlike some of the sites I've visited. I pray that God gives you peace right where you are. God bless... "J"
Welcome both of you ! You have found a great place for fellowship, learning, praying , worshipping . I pray that you enjoy your time here at talk Jesus! Joyfully~ Jlu
Welcome to TalkJesus confused and luvsChrist
May God bless you every time you enter and I hope to see both of you in live chat some time. . .I love this place too . . .and I better not answer the poll:
How long do you stay on TJ? lol
This is our favorite family site and we enjoy every second of it :love:
cu later
Staff Member
Welcome to the family of Christ Evelyn. You have found support and faith builders of believers through Jesus Christ!

Thank you for joining us!