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New Here

Hello, happend to come across this site today. I gave my heart to the Lord Dec 31st 1999 - making me a millenium baby I guess. I know the more I walk with the Lord it seems to get tougher, maybe its the refiners fire !!! I praise the Lord for he reached into the gutter and pulled me out and I will never stop praising my Jesus. Amen. Life is so different now and all the Glory is the Lords. Amen. Through the life changes in me, and through questions, and through seeing that Jesus is the reason for our changing lifestyle. more of my family have been receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour Amen.
Welcome to Talk Jesus! I pray that the Lord who lead you here, will now use this site to grow you as you are used to grow others. We are a family and the body of Christ. Be encouraged as you walk with the Lord, lean on your brothers and sisters in Christ, mediatate on His Word Daily, seek His wisdom in prayer daily, and listen in the quiet of the morning for His still small voice. I look forward to chatting with you in the Bible Cafe. When you log in, select the "live chat" option from the above Navigation Menu, and I will see you there. Join us when you can and share with us what Jesus has done in you life. God Bless you.

In Christ Service,
Your Pastor T
Great to have you here . You are welcome to share the glory of God in you're life with us all ! I hope you find a home in talkjesus . If you need anything , give us a shout ! Mike :thumbs_up

I know this is kind of late, and I have even got a reply from you on one of my posts, but welcome to talk jesus!

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Wow. I am so glad that more of your family is recieving Jesus. I only wish i could say the same. I have some family members that i am not allowed to talk to (lets not get into that) that i know need jesus and man do they need him bad! please, anyone who see this, pray for my family. they need all the prayers that they can get. love, chelsea.
welcome to the lords site we have beautiful children of god here and let god embrace you while you walk through lifes journey
Sister! it is our highest pleasure to have you with us in this noble cause. I hope u have a nice time learning, discusing and remembering our God with us on this very interactive site.
God Almighty bless us and guide us all. Ameen!