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New Features

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Added various new small features plus new areas of Talk Jesus forums.

    My Best Threads
    Members can add their own "best threads" to show up in their "My Best Threads" section in their profile view. You can add your thread by viewing it and choosing the add option under the "Thread Tools" section shown in the screen shot below.

    Links and Downloads Manager
    LDM is a general-purpose link and file manager, which handles user uploads and downloads in a flexible way. A range of media players is integrated into LDM and others are included as plugin extras.

    Users can offer comments and rate the links/downloads. Each user is allowed one rating and many comments per entry, and can freely edit these if he/she changes his mind. Each user can flag links as his/her "Favorites"

    Click here

    AME Embedded Videos
    AME scans new and edited posts for pre-defined patterns of URLs (i.e. youtube's). If it finds a match, it swaps the url tag for an ame tag. When a post get parsed for bbcode and an ame tag is found, instead of hammering away at the post with umpteen bbcodes, AME quietly figures out which pre-defined embedding should be placed there and... viola', you have a pretty little embedded video like this:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Who Am I Casting Crowns[/ame]

    gTeamSpeak allows select usergroups to register for a TeamSpeak server. It it is VoIP (voice over IP, which is what Skype is) application. The usage will be mainly for scheduled group prayer events and perhaps general group chats down the road.

    This feature will be officially released shortly.

    vB Drafts
    This modification adds an save draft feature when using Quick Reply, New Reply, New Thread and Private Messaging. When writing a message you can choose to save it and return to it later without publically publishing it.

    Drafts are saved and restored in the following manner. One new thread per forum, one reply per thread, one PM reply per PM and one new PM. If a saved post/thread/PM is found, the text is automatically restored to the reply field when the user returns to the page. So to restore a thread, they just visit the New Thread page in the forum in which it was being written, it will be there waiting.

    To remove old draft data which has not been deleted by its author, a scheduled task runs daily which removes any drafts data which is older than X days.

    Search For Unanswered Threads By Forum
    This is an hack adds an extra option to the Search this Forum drop down list in forum display, that additionally allows you to search for unanswered threads by forum.

    Report PM
    This modification allows users to report private messages and creates a thread for each report.

    Timezone Image In Profile
    Shows a world timezone image in user profile view based on your actual timezone.

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