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new bill passed (USA)

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by eddieb, Feb 1, 2012.

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    recently there was a new bill passed that steps all over the rights of american citizens. there is enough info on this page to find out more about the bill AND what local law enforcement is saying about this bill and how they reject unconstitutional orders that hinder our rights. my goal here isnt to try to get people to think the organization on this website is good or we should all support it. if you do you do- if not ok too. my purpose is to offer info to what could turn ugly. like civil war ugly. or dictatorship. not a thus saith the Lord. just info.

    Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Ohio Peace Officer Drafts NDAA Letter For Police And Sheriffs

    edit part: you will have to do a bit of research of your own. i only got permission to post this one link.
  2. Articles like these never tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There is a lot of confusion within them usually started by those with some type of motive.......contrary to law and order.

    So I went and read the Act of 2012, and it deals with terrorism and much of what did or did not occur recently in the treatment of those detained for questioning by our country , over terrorism.

    Yes the Act does give the military and or government the right to detain American citizens if suspected of activities contrary to the good or our nation.

    I for one completely support the new Bill. I think we are way too passive with the protection of our country and with voicing the simple moral ways God teaches us. I see each day some new protest that in one way or the other justifies actions of those against our country. This bill seeks to simply allow people to be detained and questioned if need be and if grounds to detain are found, then to do so with great freedom .

    It concerns me not, as I will not harm my country , nor ever take part in some situation that could be construed to do so. Wrong is wrong and I wish no part of wrong. I have no desire to belong to some extremist group, or support some way against my country with financial or other means.......but some do and now they are fair game. Roll the dice, will you get caught......if you you have no rights.

    To me the one who wishes to harm my country, who wishes to commit a crime, has no rights. Although society says they do have rights......I say they do not.

  3. Sadly, most people are ignorant about such things as their rights, and clueless about what is going on all around them. They will attack the messenger and call him a conspiracy nut, rather than listen to the truth he brings.

    Another good site you can check that is related to your post is Jack McLamb's. He is a retired cop that has an organization that has been exposing the new world order for a long time. Many bible-centered articles on his site too.
  4. greetings kit,

    i think you dont know the whole truth about this bill. it gives the government the ability to classify anyone a terrorist. the word terrorist being loosly defined. if you speak against them you could be a "domestic terrorist" and then carted off to guantanamo bay or one of these new "fema camps" and yes they do exisist. seen them and been inside one.
    it also gives the government the right to take away YOUR right to miranda, speedy trial, and many many other freedoms.
    this bill is unconstitutional.

    the bill was the purpose of my post. not so much the organization. however when a law enforcement officer or group of them says we wont do such and such its time to sit up and pay attention.

  5. And Greetings to you.

    I suppose I look at all things very differently. Something will hit the news about say..oh.......drivers license information, or gun ownership, or something and there is great discussion over the violation of rights.

    I have always just looked at it like I do not intend to do anything wrong in any event, so why should I care if they know I own a gun or what my drivers license says or who knows who I am.

    The sad thing to me is the very need to have such laws. What used to be just honor and honesty and responsibility for ones own actions and the fair and common sense applied to life by all have long gone.

    So instead of enforcing common sense, now our governments try to legislate morality and protection and all things. If something is not working they invent another law.

    Yes laws invented by the less than intelligent to enforce protection or morality do sometimes have unfortunate side avenues.

    Most of these laws come about due to public outcry and conflict over the so called mistreatment of those caught in this case acting within terrorist activities within our borders. Planning and plotting. Long ago they would have simply been executed the same day caught, now the misplaced public opinion puts so much pressure on the government that more and more laws are put into place simply as self defense.

    This one is a result of the era....where terrorists and those suspected of this were shuttled off to some place and water boarded and so on, tortured so to speak. So public outcry caused the law. Now the public is silenced by law.

    Well let me shut up....I am a very small tater, or minority in my views, I would so wish that all would learn to get along, to live together and help each other. I look at the world and I cry to God why??? Why cannot the peoples of the world work together and all this money and effort used in destruction , be used to develop agriculture and new ways of energy and so on.

    And God know the answer, just be patient and wiping them all out will not work as I have already tried that one. They will not behave no matter what.

    But my inner spirit cries for peoples to learn to get along. So I do not understand.......and do not wish to most of the time. I find most laws of government to be mostly stupid if understood completely in their entire context. So I agree. I most likely do not understand.
  6. Rights vs freedom.I sure only speak for myself here!! The less government in my life the better! Today most have to wear seat belts in there car,but I do not want to wear one!! Why I am MADE TO!! Because they say it saves lives??Give me a break,I have known 3 people who died because they could not get out of there car in time because of the sorry seat belts!

    This was where it all started!! Then they wanted to bash the smokers!! Now the poor souls have to go outside in either freezing cold,or hot conditions to have a cig? because government say smoking is a bad thing? And yet?? They still sell these bad things on the market?? They do this because if they did not,people would really get upset! I do not judge others!! Many good people smoke,I sure did for a very long time!

    Personally, I do not care what another does,as long as it does not involve me. If they want to smoke pot, because they believe it helps them,that is THERE!!! business!! Jesus did not run around telling people to stop having freedom! He provided freedom!! Rom 14:13-23!!! Here it speaks about meat,but you could have this for almost anything one believes is all right for themselves! Not others!

    Because many do not smoke,they say you do not have the right to smoke in your own freedom! Or wear seat belts! I am very conservative, but that is reserved for me!Not others! I fought not for the freedom of some,but for all people in my land! You have a right to fight for our Country,but have to wait to have a drink until you are 21?? In some places??

    I have a word for all of this,but will not say it on here! I have never liked government,I pray for Government everyday!! To leave US ALONE!! Guide us if you wish,but do not put your own people in bondage! Now!! I feel better!! LOL I know!! But mark what about abortion!!

    I do not believe in taking any life! I don't! I also do not believe in holding this over others,who may have made a mistake in there past concerning this! Let him or her who is without sin cast the first stone!! I make mistakes everyday brothers and sisters,and so do you.

    Is it better to point,or to extend a hand unto them? I extend!! As Jesus hold his arms out to all of us! I am very far from perfect! If I was perfect I would be in heaven with Jesus helping him!! LOL But since God Almighty does not need my help in any way,I will let HIM tell you what is right and what is wrong for your own life! Even as I receive from him the same! It is MOST RARE!! I speak outside the box. But long ago people cared more about others,long ago people watched out for others. When I was growing up as a little bright( hehe) If we were going up North for the weekend neighbors watched our house,now you have to guard against them!WHY?? because government set fear instead of freedom in our Great land! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    That is what Jesus said! But now,it is do unto others before they do unto you,keep them down so they cannot get up! I look to the Lord Jesus in my life,that is what I myself do. I would rather show you why I do this first, then to tell you,IF!!! you ask me!!then speak!( james 1:22!)

    By doing, we show,and by showing our words have much greater power in love to give to others that which we so need ourselves! Faith( which has grace in this as well!),HOPE,LOVE!! But the greatest of these is LOVE!( 1 cor 13:13) Love has no Law! Let we the people not make any laws against anothers freedom.You may not like it,but that is your right not to! And it is also there right to have this freedom in there life,if they so choose! Many have never heard me speak on this ever before. But this is HOW!! my brothers and sisters love looks at others! I was taught this,by one who died and rose again for us.( 1 john 2:27) There is but ONE God! Government makes laws,to protect others,this is just fine,I abide by them! People should be protected!! But people should also have the freedom to govern there own lives as they see fit! This is just my view all.Take it for what it is worth.
  7. Brighthouse, I do not like or approve of this bill passed either.:secret::secret: I believe this is more of Mr. Obamas agenda to become a dictator. Mr. Obama has changed our country perhaps more than any other President before him.:secret:As a man I find Mr. Obama totally repulsive and I disagree whit just about everything he has done. As president I respect the office of President, but not the Muslim in office.

    Now for the restrictions in freedom or how government is hampering our freedom. Seatbelts have saved more lived by the hundreds of thousands. For every one person trapped in their seatbelt there is tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of lives saved by seat belts. Sure any required safty law has a reaction that maybe harmful to the very small few.

    As a child I rode my bike many hundred of hours with fun that seemed like the ultimate freedom for a young boy. But now thmes thave changed, there are so many more vehicles on the road perhaps as many as 50 times as then in the early 1950ies. It makes solid safety wisdom the require helments for bike riders.

    Smoking dope is just plain stupid and I don't think any christian should even consider such a thing as less than sin. Smoking no matter what you smoke is stupid. Just bringing smoke into your lungs is dangerious to anyones health. It's just so stupid to even consider smoking, and should become so costly that only the very rich could but a pack of smokes.

    Now as for freedom being taken away from us. When christians won't even get off their lazy duffs and vote, that offends me tottally! Unless we take the freedom to vote as a huge part of our freedom as Americians, someday it just might become restrictive and they could forfit this freedom. People who do not vote don't deserve citizenship!:secret:

    I am a 100% disabled Service Connected Veteran. Several millions of us vets suffer continually every day of our lives. We pay daily for this nations freedom. But many men who NEVER served one second for our country don't even vote! That is so offensive to me , I could just spit. I find so dispicable that a man who has not been in the service of the United States cam be the president. He can send men to their death and he himself has no idea what it feels like to serve and know you just might die with the Presidents orders. That brother brighthouse is not right.

    I read you are a vet also, and I totally respect your right to find fauly with our have earned the right to do so! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

  8. Tell me what you REALLY think Farout!! ROFLOL!!! Thanks for your service as well!! Opinions are like backsides we all have them,you sure have every right to voice yours!! Which I see you are not shy either!! LOL That is cool by me Bro!

    I sure do not diagree with you either! But, at the same time,many as you well know, and I am on 100 percent disability as well like you,look to understand that the needs of the few,can out weigh the needs of the many,problem is, not many care enough about the few to do something about it!

    Your voice is for few,as mine is. I can see the subject upsets you,that sure was not my intent to write what I did! Passion like ours comes from fighting for that which so many take for granted,we sure do NOT! FREEDOM!! May every blessing be upon you my brother in Arms as well as in Christ Jesus!! amen!
  9. Unfortunately Kit, that kind of apathetic attitude about your hard-won (and even harder to retain) rights and freedoms is what will find Americans waking up one day with with no rights in the not too distant future. If you don't know what your rights are, how will you know when they are violated? And if you are indifferent when they are violated, then how do you deserve to have those rights that were bestowed upon you, by way of much blood and sacrifice by your forbears???

    I am not attacking you as a person, I just get very frustrated when I see apathy among a people whose nation is dying more and more each day.

    You said "we need to have such laws". Please tell me why we "need" a drivers license. Is it for YOUR benefit, or THEIRS? Every issued license (or permit, etc.) can be taken away, so when our previous generation(s) allowed themselves to be licensed to drive (for 1/2 a century there was no need for one), they gave away their right to freedom of travel and allowed the government to decide if and when we get to drive on the road.

    And about gun ownership, why should anyone let the government know he has some? So the SWAT team will know which doors to kick in at 3 am when the guns are outlawed and confiscated (to protect us from terrorists)? For your information, the government sees gun owners (ie: proponents of the 2nd amendment) as among their enemies.

    As for your not intending to do anything wrong, it's not what you think is right that the government cares about, it's what they think is. A personal motto of mine is : "it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong".

    There is a true maxim that the people always get the government they deserve. Really think about that. A people that are zealous about their freedom will have and keep it. A people that are brainwashed will spurn it for the false promise of protection from the government.
    If the people don't care about their rights the government is certainly not going to give them any. If the people prefer a police state that's what they will get. Benjamin Franklin said, "those who would prefer security over freedom deserve neither". That's the new catch phrase the government is using to suck the people into giving away their liberty - "security". Give us the right to wiretap everyone without warrants, let us take away habeas corpus, let us do this, let us do that, if you want us to protect you from terrorists.

    And the glossy-eyed masses go "baaaaa, baaaaa, yes you can search my car because I have nothing to hide. Yes, you can take away all my God-given rights, just please keep me safe from the big bad boogeyman!!
  10. There is a big surprise coming. God is going to cause much more than this silly bill to pass. Just wait until you see the famines that he causes to drive the power into the hands of evil men who will give all of their power over to the Antichrist. Remember how Joseph gained all of the power, money and lands for Pharaoh? Here comes a repeat but only in the hands of the wicked. It will be so horrible that all borderline fence sitters will easily fall on to the side of Antichrist. People aren't exactly giving their freedom away. They are being led into captivity for their sin. Awake to righteousness and sin not. Become a preacher of righteousness to those who are still in darkness, explaining to them that God is going to continue to bring them into captivity until the line is crossed of no return and they remain reprobate forever. You can hold on to your guns as tight as you want to, but if God desires them to be ripped from your cold dead fingers then that will be the way it ends. Lets forget this nonsense and get out their preaching Christ and him crucified bearing witness of the King who is getting ready to establish his throne here on earth and do away with all of this business anyway.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, true...but the real peacemakers are preaching peace through reconciliation to God through repentance from dead works and faith in Christ, putting on the new man which is created after Christ Jesus.

    In Jesus Name,

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    Unfortunately your vote will always be for a globalist that is not working for American's interests. Skull & Bones candidate A, B or C, take your pick. It's a shell game stacked against the voter.
    Government is getting worse and worse NOT because people don't vote, but because people keep voting these same establishment snakes in!!!!!! And the heart of a nation's people is always reflected in it's government, and vice versa. The people are evil, so they vote for evil. So your solution of having more people vote just means more people will vote for more evil.

    Rather than focusing so much on voting, the people should be
    focusing on PRAYING.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    But we prefer to place our hope and trust in a corrupt system of man. Please remember, voting for evil is always wrong! God does not want us to be in league with evil ! The lesser of two evils is still an evil !!
    Supporting the lesser of two evils tells politicians that it is acceptable for them to do evil.

    Check out a book called, Votescam: The Stealing of America by James M. Collier and Kenneth F. Collier. Or don't, if you aren't interested in the truth.

    And in case you are feeling like coming at me with some angry words about how you're a veteran so how dare I say such things, I have great respect for vets, they should be honored for their sacrifices and be treated with great dignity by the masses. And they shouldn't be horribly mistreated by their governments. But they are, because the government couldn't care less about it's constituents, vets included.

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    Vote for the current have to be kidding. Can the ones who lie, participate in personal attacks, show unwillingness to forgive, and are just in general to any sane person, quite frankly evil and stupid.

    Uh Oh .......I said stupid.

    I am going to vote for Snoopy.
    Pelosi , Peloshi, however you spill it is what I now say when I hit my finger with a hammer, and then I say, boy that sure hurt. Lol!

    I am a Vietnam Vet, six years, four years and 10 months and two hours in combat. We know these things as we eventually become short timers and look forward to going home. I was sure glad to be a short timer.

    I and most of us who were there, have never agreed with our government and its ignorant way and politics. We do our duty to the government, some of us survive, some die. But in general we always did have many discussions about how stupid we thought our leaders were. They have no sense of connection to the common situation, they have no knowledge of what the soldiers face, and for sure have no idea of how the world functions.

    I like to laugh, I like to help others, I also like to play a joke on you. I hate lies, I hate crime, I hate the obscene taxation and waste, I hate the social programs that create laziness and provide livings for the worthless. I do not at all begrudge those who need help and feel this should be the purpose of taxation. Not building billion dollar government buildings and staffing them with people who can only gripe because they did not get a cost of living raise.

    I deal with these incompetent uncaring people each year, we have several properties, I gave a home to my oldest son and I can assure you each year it is a mess, I have to stop outside the county building each visit, call upon God and say, please make me behave. Lol. I have considered saving up 10,000 pennies and paying taxes with them, then demanding a recount as I think you made a mistake. :shade:

    As a veteran who does hold God and his truth above all things, the things of government, made up of others, to me is a sad state of affairs.

    Man will say it is unpatriotic not to vote. God says if you do vote for them you support evil. God says your own silence and toleration of all these things have put you in your own mess in how thing are. I gave you a way, and allowed you the freedom to manage it, your own greed and many other factors have created the monster.

    You voice is better used in any peaceful means that presents itself to fuss against the lies, the uncaring, the dishonesty, the greed for money and the obscene situation we find ourselves in with the rich and powerful and those in sin leading our country.

    They cannot wait to start a war, to take Irans Oil. Ya know, why not actually and with purpose spend this effort developing an alternative source of energy, the technology is surely there, God gives us the Sun for free, but as the rich cannot figure out how to put a meter on the sun and charge us for it....they prefer to fuss over oil and start wars and .........well shut up Kit.........we all know how they are.

    So I will this year vote for Snoopy.......the little dog with a cute nose.
    One has to be crazy to be sane........A smile and a laugh and faith in Gods word does keep me sane. It gives me the confidence to know God knows, he is aware . One day he will yank the rope. Meanwhile I suppose we watch and we not to act.

    Do you know that the immigration laws separate mothers from the children and family.......I protest against immigration myself, but I have compassion on families. To break them up is awful. This is how government in its wisdom is in all things.

    Listen to this one.

    I gave the nice big house to my oldest son and build ourselves a small energy efficient home. But due to my sons awful credit and questionable situation with marriage, I kept the home in my come tax time the county sent us a bill for just under 6000 dollars as this is not now my primary residence. I am however no dummy so I had given my son a Deed of Interest which meets current laws and declares a percentage of interest to him and allows him to claim this as his primary residence and is called in a way owner. Anyway it meets current laws.

    So I go up there and it is a weekday around 10a.m. and I am the only one at the tax counter, not much business this time of day, and about 8 of them are drinking coffee and eating a cake. Some birthday or something, and I stand there....nothing......I make some noise, they look up and go back to eating cake. I am getting mad now. Lol! So in my mild manner I hollered at them, how about one of you come over here and talk to me. Grudgingly one does, and my problem is way beyond her comprehension , so she and a guy discuss it and call for the supervisor. The supervisor does not have a clue either. .........So she says the one who handles this is on vacation, you will have to come back when she gets back. At first I try to work with them and say.......surely you can handle this today, go get the tax man, do you not have a person who is intelligent.....a little frustrated jab. Lol! No you will have to come back........Tammy Sue is not here today. She knows what to do.

    I suppose God did not make me behave. I told the people I am standing right here until this matter is resolved to my satisfaction and I have a written receipt of the correct taxation amount. Now the supervisor tells me if I do not leave she will call security and have me removed. So I countered with cool, call the local news media too, as I have much to say. Your move. Lol!

    It took me half a day, speaking to many, and the general attitude was , we do not care, you interrupted our cake eating. And to move and do work is a real pain. What gives you the right to come demand we work and fix this mistake.

    This is local.......state is worse.......federal....hey. forget it.........God will have to put me inside a box and not let me out.

    Government of the modern way.......are you kidding......

    Moral of the true story.....for all. God has told me to tell you all that you can be your own man. You can enjoy life and shout your joy from the rooftop. You can be angry, just do not let it control you and use your brain in all situations. To be tempered by God and his way, but you can protest and fight against them. To be open, honest and wise. And when it is all over, tell God Thank You. We do not have to live in fear and be afraid to speak up. What can they do to us anyway?? As long as you are honest and speak the truth. This is one of my goals on the forum, to show that a Christian can be their own person, and as long as you hold the way of God dear, not a whole lot of trouble you can get into. To live with joy, lack of fear, to seek understanding of all things, and to give credit to God for all things. We do not have to sit and be silent. It is not wrong to fight them. We do not have to be meek and let them do their way......we are as those who believe in God supposed to stand for right, freedom, honesty, morality, and do so with concern for this world.

    Plus I am ornery wife says she can dress me up, but cannot take me anywhere Ha!

  13. LOL Kit!! I really enjoyed reading that!!Thanks so much!! It is Superbowl Sunday today!! Oh boy!! LOL People go crazy, dressing up like it is some sort of trick or treat day. Many will get stupid in some bar,or drunk at home.

    The Mayor of New York Micheal Bloomberg said yesterday to all the people at a news conference that he would be somewhat drunk himself. Boasting in stupidity! This is ok?? Being a wrong example?? This is ok? But this my brothers and sisters is the World.

    Well I will not be drunk today! I will be having something to eat,and being thankful I can sit in a home,in warmth,with clothes,and my needs met,thankful to God Almighty, I am HIS!! And knowing!!! YOU ARE HIS TO!!

    Enjoy the game,the commercials and all that goes with this GAME!! For about 3 hours people go to be entertained, to forget there own life,and look to enjoy the life of another,wishing they were that person.

    But what many have not remembered, is that they themselves have more value, then those they watch. Perhaps if you listen close, the Lord will move upon you, to give a kind word to someone today. The world gives a game,while we in Christ give life! LIFE!! is that which cannot end!! The nature of Jesus!( 2 Cor 5:1-9) Blessing all! To be pleasing is to always consider what we both do,and say to another.
  14. Thanks Kit.

    Funny article you wrote, excellent summary of your current life.

    I feel like I know you better than myself.

    Had some laughs, thanks.
  15. Hey:

    Yep, to be so thankful for what we have, to realize things provided come from God. So true. I generally tell God at some point each day Thank You.

    Getting drunk in some bar, yea.....the pitfalls of that, or drinking at the ball game and then driving home, but beyond that I understand the whole message, people are so silly and do many things that they should not, and would not if they just listened to God once in awhile. So beyond the drinking I understand the thought behind the thought, of how the world is. In all things.

    I suppose it is a bit like running a path lined with men with whips, you dodge some and get hit by some, our goal is to dodge them all. But also never lose our smile or let the ways of the world get to us. Mainly use our own mind and not be followers.......

    Anyways I understand the entire thought about all things.

  16. re: Peace Seeker

    This is my first post and perhaps my last. I don't know anything about the nic other than the posts that he/she has made in this thread, but Peace Seeker is thus far 100% spot on. There is more truth coming from that nic in this thread than any other I've read thus far.

    I, also, have been willing to suffer certain "inconveniences" (e.g. violation, incarceration, torture, ridicule, ad nauseum) simply because I would rather walk truly free in truth rather than remain identified with the vast majority who are comfortably numb/ignorant/satiated.

    Truth is, Peace Seeker, the time has come where the mind controlled vast majority no longer want to know the truth. But then, that too is biblical, isn't it?

    We all agreed to this site's "rules" in order to post here. Eventually, you will gore someone else's sacred cow and in the end the politically correct move will be made on a pretense i.e. you wil be banned from this cite (if not for promoting "disobedience to government," then for some other perceived infraction).

    I am a monitor of a Christian chat room (not this one), and I know how the drill goes. They always try to keep the strong ones out -- because they're bad for business.

    Let this post encourage you as you seek the truth -- at any cost. Carry on, Watchman! The truth is worth far more than the cost.
  17. snoopy does have a cute nose.
  18. Hello eddieb.

    You must supply the scripture to support your claim, "snoopy has a cute nose".
  19. Now that's funny!
  20. NDAA is marshal law there another law called EEA that Obama pass and that takes ur citizenship away from citizen. read about it!

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