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I have never come to this website and not received prayer for me or others that I requested it for. I know this because God has shown me the power in prayer and I have seen them answered far too often.

I aim to start a prayer ministry myself and this website would be a good place to find people that need praying for but right now I have some other things, prerequisites if you will, that I must complete before I can.

To the point:

I have an immensely important person in my life who is struggling with demons and has been for most of their life. Her family has tinkered in things that open doors for evil spirits to manipulate them.

She has severe anger issues (pushed by the spirits) and the main issue she has is not forgiving others. She can't seem to get past this and I think they are using the pain she feels to justify it and hold her hostage.

If anyone would pray I'd be so unbelievably grateful. Any and every prayer helps. Matthew 7:7

I couldn't thank you enough. Her name is Ash. Please pray for her salvation as well.

She expresses the knowledge that she needs Jesus, but she is fighting a hard battle.

Again, thank you to anyone who prays. She is in a lot of pain..

May God Bless you all wonderfully for your kindness!!!
I lift Ash up to you Jesus. Keep drawing her Jesus, don't give up Holy Spirit-keep striving for her. Protect her and I pray that she will say "Yes, Lord I believe" and repent and be saved. Bind the evil that surrounds her, Lord Jesus. Your word says that if 2 or more agree concerning anything on earth that it will be done. We here all agree on Ash's behalf and her precious friend who brings this need to this group. In Jesus name I pray amen.
Thank you God/Jesus, you have provided and you are and will. Nothing can separate us from Your love and nothing can pluck us from your hand.