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Need inspiration

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Lanolin, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Can you please pray. I'm made a project to design a garden for one of the churches I attend and need to present it in two weeks. Am doing a permaculture design course but haven't done actual design work before and am nervous about the presentations! I'm hoping have enough time to sit down and nut it out and make/draw a design that's pleasing to God and will inspire others. It doesn't have to be implemented it's just the design for now. I also need to find time to do a proper land survey but have been so busy with paid work and other demands I just don't seem to have the time!!!

    I am very bad with procrastinations when something is looming and due. I think I may have to take some time off work to do it. Another spanner in the works is everyone will have an opinion on what I can or cannot do with the land there, so need to suggest the right plants as the previous landscapers had no clue and most all of the plants they put there died. Arrgh. And I don't want to make a rod for someone else's back.

    Please pray for inspiration and vision.
  2. Praying for you Lanolin
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  3. Praying for you sister.
    For inspiration, vision, to the Most Glorious Creator of them all. Our Heavenly Father.
    That you will lack for nothing and be guided by the Holy Spirit in all things.
    In the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.
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  4. Trusting the Lord to lead you @Lanolin as you seek His will and guidance in this project

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  5. Well @Lanolin that sounds like a wonderful thing to do, I wouldnt mind doing it myself, I think I would be good at it. Since Christ is the solid rock on which we stand, I would incorporate some flat rock into the design, and perhaps some other bigger rocks placed strategically to enhance the design. Then go to local greenhouse and find out what local fauna would be good beauty wise. Local fauna always will more likely do well in local soils and temperatures. Then add in some biblical plants if possible, many plants are valued for similarities to the cross or blood red, etc. or even a small tree that historically is thought to be the wood that became the cross. But these must be able to do well locally. Then its merely the deciding of what goes where. If its pretty and has some christian slanted parts to it, I bet they will like it. Perhaps even a history added to your presentation of why you add some things. Dealing with people who want you to do it there way will no doubt happen, just remember to be a servant and lift others up as well as you can.
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  6. @Brad Huber @Lanolin
    Great ideas brother!

    You brought to mind something that when I see it, will always gives me the desire to stop, rest and pray! Even with a book to read, if I have it handy! That is if I'm alone and seek a little solitude! :)

    If the church has a niche to it. Some nice stones/gravel leading to a bench with a shaded tree off to the side if available! Knowing how the sun goes over the area would help decide on the bench placement!

    I'm sure you're probably limited by funds and this is not necessarily what your intent is, but I just couldn't help myself in adding this! :)

    I hope you don't mind my bit of nonsense!
    Praying that this project will workout in even a more glorious way then anticipated sister!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  7. Thanks for prayers tjers managed to get a day off work to set aside some time for this.

    Praise the Lord. Now just need to get back to the drawing board.
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  8. I know next to nothing about garden design, but do have some experience in presenting designs to non-experts. The trick is to invite opinions on the elements on which they can make a valuable contribution. That might be such things as the sense of space, mood, accessibility, how you anticipate the final result being used. Vibrant or muted feel? Adventurous or conservative?

    If they feed back to you that they want it to be more child-friendly, or more of a reflective space - that's very helpful in developing your final design.

    The last thing you want is for them to start up a discussion on the individual elements 'we like/do not like peonies' etc. They should be confident that you are the expert in plant choice, and will get that kind of thing right if they give you a clear general direction.

    With prayers too.
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  9. Praying for you
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  10. @Lanolin

    Also praying for you sister!
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  11. Funny, God showed me some plant books at the op shop yesterday, got a complete encyclopaedia of garden flowers for just $2.

    I wasnt really planning on finding garden books but its just what I need. Praise the Lord.
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  12. Decided on bananas, cannas and passionfruit, fruit salad plant.

    Also olives, a pomegranate, fig and grapevine.

    And espalier pears or apples.

    And loads of flowers...lavender, rock rose, lambs ears, sweet william, valwerian, gerbera, bird of paradise, hydrangea, day lilies, christmas lilies, ginger lily, poinsettia.
    Vege beds and a herb spiral with sage, rosemary and hyssop. Why not the whole eden?

    I have done a little patch already that has a memorial rock and there is already benches under trees there. The climate is dry sunny and also sub tropical plants may thrive between the buildings.

    Agapanthus will def have to feature as its name means 'love flower' and has natualised here. You cant kill it. Its the plant that keeps on forever.
    No thorny roses!!!
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  13. Thanks for prayers TJers had my presentation and now graduated!
    Am going to share the vision with the church BOM (board of managers) meeting next week. Just need to email it to them and have it nice and clear.

    Was shown some dianthus 'passion' last night they now sitting in my car waiting to be planted, they were on sale at the garden centre only $2 each. For the front entrance.
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  14. Awesome. Prayers for continued favor.
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  15. Still waiting for email reply back, seems like have encountered some obstacles because some of the church land has been taken by the govt and they got to say what gets planted by the road. Which means we cant really garden it...?!
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