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National ID Card

Greetings all, and God bless.

What do you think about this National ID Card?
It has passed, I believe it was the House, and needs to pass the Senate before it becomes to fruit. So what do you think? Is it a slippery slope, maybe toward the mark?? A member of the House of Reps has been reported to have said, if it does become law, and you do not get it, because it is associated with your D.L. you will not be able to drive, fly, travel, etc.. Kinda scary huh? This could happen as soon as this August :eek:mg:

support oppose??

Peace be with you,
Formerly Adiaglow
This is the first I've heard of it....right now, I highly doubt this is major step towards the mark. I think that's a long way off, personally. But you have a point. I think it's also to protect our nation from terrorists, b/c there are many on US soil. To me, just like a license/work id/so on... :) xoxo
I personally feel it is a slippery slope, similar to George Orwells 1984, which is were the term BigBrother came from. I am not sure I would want to give up all my privacy for protection, I fear the info they will collect and have access to will be used wrongly by someone with ill intent. Not to mention it is said the information will be shared with both Canada, and Mexico because of the NAFTA agreement.
I too do not know if it will lead to the "mark", but it has similar uses.
If I remember correctly it was the Representative from Texas who spoke out against it on a Christian radio talk show this last week.

Peace be with you,
HHHmmmm I'm not sure on this one, I'm still trying to figure out why people would want the global postioning systems on their phones and cars. I understand the 911 thing but soon no matter where you are you can be found~ is scary. I'll resort to the use of my old map and key for my car. Guess "BigBrother" doesn't want to lose track of us... To me the only one that needs to know where I am and be with me 24 hours a day is my Lord Jesus. Amen???
The way i understand this , its not a national ID card--its a card to keep illegal immigrant out- they can come in the correct way instead. BUT the problem is they has left loopholes so the government can add about any standard or requirments they want anytime. So sooner or later it could very well be the national ID card most are opposed to leading to the mark of the beast. All these things are to condition people to acceping such things and when the time comes they wont think a thing of it and accept it. They already know more info about us than we know about ourselves.
I was just thinking the other day that it's possible that in efforts to prevent identity theft, more quickly identify suspects in crimes, take census, and actions like these that some countries will develop systems that will open the door to a global system that could help establish (or condition people to accepting) a "mark". I also believe that when the antichrist is in power that it will be obvious to believers what is happening. From what I understand, those who believe but still accept the mark will do so out of fear of persecution or death. That and the fact that the Bible states the mark will be placed on the foreheads or right hands leads me to believe that those of us around during that time and watching for the signs, will know what is happening.

We already have the ability to spend money without ever touching it and it's getting easier (worse?). I think there are some stores now in the US that are looking at using fingerprint scanners so that you don't need anything but your finger to pay. I'd also being will to bet that if someone came out with a electronic device today that you could strap on your wrist (and looked stylish) to use for making payments in stores and such that a lot of people would jump on it.

Love in Christ,

Actually , I have heard that they have been trying to develop a little identification device that gets inserted under the skin on you're wrist . Now you have me thinking . I woulnt like that to happen . GBU Brother
Amen to Deeply changed. And I seen a new's program where some stores called "pigglie wiggly" (sp) have the thumb scanners as a first test run.
Some have tried fingerprint scans and eye scans but it appears most are going to inseting a very tiny chip under the skin and they say its almost painless.
I think that the "mark" will not be 'snuck' in on us. You will knowingly make a choice to follow someone other than God when you take the mark. If God is just (as we know he is), he will not punish you for buying groceries when you are following his laws, and believing in his son Jesus Christ. Although some of these techknowlogies are a bit scary on the privacy issue, I don't think they are the mark or are leading to the mark. However it is possible when the "mark" is given, that is could use these types of techknowlogies to track you, and deny you service/identify you as a 'non-believer' in the anti-christ.

Just my 2 cents. :shade:
i think it might be a slippery slope to "the mark" and what about 9 11. In the bible it talks about two buildings falling and then it talks about it will become one. Isn't that what they are planning on doing where the two towers fell?
anna22 said:
..In the bible it talks about two buildings falling and then it talks about it will become one...

Where does it say that? I'm just curious.

God bless,