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I'm just curious, since MySpace is the big thing right now if anyone has one. I have one, and if you like the link I can PM it to you. I think MySpace is awsome, and I'd love to have some new friends!
Hi there Tollo, in the Parents forum there is a 'sticky' thread about Myspace, it is a warning about this website. As a parent of a 14 yr old I would not recommend this place from my personal experience. And anybody else who is a Christian and of age I would still excercise extreme caution.

myspace is pretty cool and i have it but yea, i heard many stuff about it. be careful. i am not saying stop using it, i'm just saying careful. God bless you and yea, you could add me, it's princess487 after the myspace. know what i mean? well later, God bless:smile:
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I have a question. Why go to MySpace when you already have Talk Jesus? This place is Christian, Holy Spirit filled, non-secular, clean family friendly fellowship.

Why not invite your Christian friends over here? There is a photo album. There is your own profile. There is a journal area. There is an arcade. Its all here.

God bless
MySpace is totally harmless as long as you are smart. You can keep your profile private so only your friends, or people you know can veiw it. Also, as long as you don't put out personal information (like your address, phone number, where you live...etc) then really its totally harmless. Some people just really need to get smart about it.

...What a good question. :smile:
i have myspace too.....i had it before it got popular...word goes around pretty fast....but eh and chad its because u can find friends and family members that u havent talked in so long....so yeah i love this place its awesome for christians but myspace is cool too...
i love myspace. it totally rocks. theres also christian groups on it, my youth made a group on it and our youth tribes have their own groups on it that members have made. it's awesome! my myspace is for anyone keen on adding me!
peace out!
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I really do prefer this over myspace.... forums are a ton better especially christian forums. Its safer and you learn more and this one even has christian music and games. not muchll beat that
I see all you precious people have 'myspace' I have not had the time to visit........But does it relate to eternity, the future.....your future...??? You say I should visit..........No.....I want to uplift.....to give people an alternative, prosperous, blessed.......in Jesus

I Jest....certainly not.......here is the real $bill not the counterfeit

God Bless You.......Thankyou for your visit
I really do prefer this over myspace.... forums are a ton better especially christian forums. Its safer and you learn more and this one even has christian music and games. not muchll beat that
wep! i wanted to say the same thing! so thanks for summing it up for me R!!
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I have a myspace account as well and I think it is great but highly addictive. I have met many Christians from around the world and even started my own group called (The Living Christ). But it is very easy to end up on or get friend request from half naked people or just bad people. You learn how to avoid them.
I mostly go on there for the Christian artist.
This is my URL for my myspace group MySpace.com if anyone is interested. Just let me know your from talk Jesus because I dont except all request. Like I said I try to avoid certain people. My name is (He who practices the truth comes to the light) on myspace.
God Bless!
Yea, I have a myspace too, its ok, I can see how people can be concerned about it though. I don't use mine much, but there are a lot of ways with connecting youth groups through it and other christian groups. Also a very good way to listen to christian music and check out gigs etc. Its good. You just have to be careful, and don't add anyone you don't know.
I have a myspace. But I don't use that often. But if you have one i think you should use exreme caustion, consdiedery*sp* the people and language, and pictures on that site. Well that just my opion*sp*.

love mandy *sorry i just can't spell all that good*
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