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My Testomony

Okay, i really like to share my Tsetomony, and I'm so happy that I found a little thread I can post it on. Okay here it is:

I was pretty close the to the Lord in abour 5th grade. I really didn't have too many "major" sin problems or anything. When I went into Middle School, stuff started happening. First, in 6th grade, my self esteem and confidence really dropped, and I started to not really eat healthy. Summer went by okay, then came 7th grade. Actually, my 7th grade year was great. During the Summer I went to a Christian, Pentocostal camp, and God really moved in my life, so in 7th grade doors opened for me, and I thought things were going to be awsome. Well, the Summer transition of 7th grade to 8th grade wasn't as planned. I went to the camp again, and God moved in my life then as well. I thought it was amazing. But, a good friend back home didn't really like the new me, so I decided to ditch it. I started hanging around her a lot more, and slowly, I began to fall away from the Lord. Around October is when it all really started: I began to cut myself, all becuase she did it as well. Then, I slowly became Anorexic, and lost a lot of weight. I rocketed into a deep Depression, where I thought I would never be close to the Lord again. I became Suicidal as well, and really didn't know what to do with myself. But, around May or so, I met the two most awsome ppl in the world, they are two of my greatest friends, though our ages are a bit different. They told me that God really does want to forgive me and everything, so, about two months ago, I redidicated my life to the Lord. Since then, I have been overwhelmed with happiness. Just last week I went to the camp again, and got filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time and spoke in other tongues. Also, since I have been saved, my friend (Not the same one in the story) has gotten saved becuase I brought her to Church and things, and she also went to camp with me. My life has been great since I have been saved, and I havn't been the same since!
Staff Member
That's a great testimony Tollo :) Thanks for sharing sister

We're always here also to uplift you when you need it. GOD loves you
Loved your testimony Tollo! I received the gift of speaking in tongues
when I was at a youth summer camp too, what a beautiful prayer gift it is!
The Spirit of God comes to dwell in the hearts of all who repent,
and give their life to Christ. This Spirit within will be your
source of strength thru all the days of your life! Stay close to Him thru
prayer and meditation on His Word!
It`s wonderful you already have brought a friend to Jesus! :love:
Thank you for your encouragment, I'm sure I'm going to have a great time on here posting and everything. You are right, God will be my strength for the rest of my days, no matter what I go through, I know he'll be there for me, which is great. I'm glad that you have also spoken in tongues, and yes, it is an amazing feeling!