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My testimony

I was born physically and mentally disabled. My parents took me to every doctor they could think of or afford to see what could be done for me. They let me try different things when I was younger but as I started to get older my parents put limits on me on what they thought my body and my mind could handle. I was put in special classes in school and such and they helped but sometimes the struggle is still there but I know w/God I can get through it or if I am not able to do it.

I was born in a Christian family. I went to church everytime the church does were open and did every youth activity. I went to a Baptist church. I was saved when I was 11 at VBS at my church. At the age of 15 my life just basically took a nose dive. My parents were separating after 17 yrs of marriage and my brother and I were both in shock. My parents never fault in front of us or anything that would make us think that anything was wrong. The only time we thought something was wrong is when I was 7or 8 my brother was 6 or 7 my father had left one time before and moved in with my grandma (his mother in law) and he took a over dose of sleeping pills but things started to get better after that we all thought.

My parents divorce was tough on me and my brother. My life had been shattered and things in my life weren't going the way I thought they should. I tried to help make the problems better but I only ended up getting on a rollercoaster that wouldn't stop. My faith was slipping away because everytime I prayed things would just get worse. I believe now I truly didn't give it to God and I still tried to handle the situation my way. The church I grew up in was really no help they had taken sides on who they believed and never really did anything to help my brother and I. It basically was a pat on the head and saying everything will be ok but to me my heart was breaking and my life was basically in shambles. My parents put us in situations kids shouldn't be in the middle of and that made it harder. I left the church I grew up in at the age of 16 and started to go to my moms new church that was totally different that what I was used to (Interdenominational church) but they opened there arms to me and loved me and even though they didn't know me very long I made friends that were there for me to talk to and just listen to what I have to say and Pray with me instead of just saying I'll pray for you and more than likely never really did. I believe God sent me to that church just for that purpose and through those people God helped me restore my faith.

My advice for anyone who has gone through this or maybe a different situation but same feelings don't give up on God he is always there and no matter what. Lay your burdens at His feet so that you may rest. I know its hard sometimes for people to not let them not have control but let God have control because he knows whats best for you and that he will see you through all things.

I still go through trials in my life but I know God is there with me no matter what each day I maybe faced with or the choices that I have to make in my life.

Here is a scripture that defines my life in thr trials that i went through because w/o God I do not know where I would be today

1 I waited patiently for the LORD;
he turned to me and heard my cry.

2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand.

3 He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the LORD.

4 Blessed is the man
who makes the LORD his trust,
who does not look to the proud,
to those who turn aside to false gods.

Ps.40:1-4 (NIV)
Amen Ncsweetheart79. Our God is an awesome God. Those verses from Psalm are my testimony too. :thumbs_up You hit the nail right on the head when you say
"My faith was slipping away because everytime I prayed things would just get worse. I believe now I truly didn't give it to God and I still tried to handle the situation my way."
That is the key to many of us - we think we have given our problem to God and wonder why things get worse, when in fact we haven't left it totally with God. I thank the Lord for how He is leading and guiding you. Praise His Holy Name.
I just can say that it's true that we need to trust The Lord and not to fall down.
I have learned an important thing from this testimony, to do and not only say, "yes I will do it".

Get stronger my sister.
God will always see us through. I want to thank you for sharing with us. Your testimony will surely help others.

The Psalms always help me through tough times. They remind me to trust Him and they also help me feel we are not alone in how we feel. That David also felt as we did and God would deliver him.

Praise be to our God,

Your sister in Christ,