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My story

Well this is basicly my story.Let me rewind real quick,when i was about 8 or 9 i was apart of a church with my folks and was kinda forced into be saved and baptised and all that.So time went on i was still part of the church..but i knew i didnt know what a alot of stuff ment and why i was baptised.I was pretty much to young to understand anything.So a years later around 18 or 19 i was in high school and pretty much drifted away from the little i knew about the lord and my religion.I never prayed as much and was just enjoying life as a normal person would.

So like a year after that i went away to school in flordia to study recording engineering at a school called fullsail real world education.And during then i was still having fun times going out to partys and drinking here and there.And still during this time..religion was not a focus of mine.And during my time in flordia id get stuff from my loving mother..like little gifts of telling me to hang in there and not give up on school and that things would be tough..but with god anything is possible.And one day i got a package from her with a box of frosted flakes a bibble and this little paper with a scripture on it..which at the time i had no idea what it ment to me.this is what it said:

Scipture for today:
"Be not afraid of their faces, for i am with thee to deliver thee, saith the lord"
Jeremiah 1:8

Food for thought

David, a young boy armed with a sling shot, five stones and most of all "the name of the lord" was facing a giant Goliath. The giant was armed with a sword and spear. Well when david slang the stone[ 1 Sam 17:49],Gods power took over and sunk that stone into Goliath's forhead.

So who cares about the giants[touch circumstances we are facing].Nothing is too hard for god to handle. I have coverd thee in the shadow of my hand, saith the lord[Isaiah 51:16]. Face your giant [situation] without fear...god will back us up-he cant lie!

And when i got this from her i pinned it up on my wall near my door and id look at it everytime times would get rough for me in school.So like 2 years later im done with school and back home now.Around 2001 when 9/11 happen(the day after my birthday)So around then i was looking for a job and i just landed a part time job with Best Buy becuase a freind of mine worked there.And i was also seeing someone at the time.And around this time i was going to church here and there..but not that often..my mother was leaving it completely up to me to choose if i wanted to go or not.Even though she was real into it..i was still young and not ready..so i thought.So around this time im working over night at best buy and i was car pooling with 2 freinds of mine and we were in one of there cars..so its like 5 AM,im knocked out in the back of the car and we are all really tierd.So as where driving on the free way i feel a bump and could just barley open my eyes and had seen we hit the car in front of us so he loses control of the car and we end up going over into a huge ditch and the car fliped atleast 5 or 6 times.Alls i remember was me blacking out for a couple seconds and waking up, upsidedown on dirt.I really thought that this was it..THAT I WAS DONE.But i opened my eye to see me still alive,then i thought..this is not luck...luck had nothing to do with this.And i didnt even have a seat belt on..and after all of this..ONE SCRACH..just one on the back of my head.For all that to happen and for us to still be alive..i just knew..I KNEW that it was HIM who saved us.

Well after that i was just thinking about so many things,and i had so many questions about stuff.So little by little id ask my mother and step fater about religion..they had stuff to say .....but HE was the only one who could give me answers.So Fwd a little bit,and like i said i was seeing someone and just so happen had been getting into things..and i assume you can imagine what happen..So a little more time go;s by and im seeing all these HIV coomercials like all day long..and i just could feel someone was telling me something.So to make this story shorter i went and got the test and it came back negative..and this was my second time doing this..and after that...i just sat back and i just cried and said to myself..ITS TIME..its time for me to get out of this part of my life and turn this around..becuase this isnt me.The drinking,sex,cursing, etc..its just not me.And at this same time i was going to church very often.And everytime id go..it was like i was getting fed some food and i was loving it.And again everytime the pastor preached the WORD..it seemed to have some way adapted in my life right then or once before.And i just knew HE was calling me, and i knew it was time for this change to happen now.

Now i think it was about 3 weeks ago.But by this time i was going to church full on and i was loving it.But as i knew something was still missing.So we had this thing at my church called "Changing lives one at a time" for like the whole month of August.And i just so happen to go to church one day during the begining of the month.And normally after the pastor preaches he then asks if there is anyone out there in the crowd who wants to commit there lives to jesus and change there ways and find a new church home.So this time for this day he did it in the begining and i was kinda shocked..so like 30 people went up there the first time,and it crossed my mind..maybe this is the time i need to do this and commit my life to god once again.Becuase before when i did this..i had no idea what i was doing and didnt know what it ment.But after all that i been through..i knew he was just calling me saying come home to me...this is where you need to be.But as shy as i am i passed up the chance.BUT...once he started preaching again like 15 mins into it..he just stoped and just knew god was telling him..there is still more back sliders in the audience.And i just gave my mother that look and left her side and i never looked back and i walked up in front of 1000's of people and as i did i just felt all this weight lifted off my sholders..and i just knew i was doing the right thing at this point this time in my life.And its like a feeling that only one can have if you make that change in there life.

So as of today ive made that change and rededicated my life to god.Words cant explain what i feel,its just an amazing feeling.Im getting basptised the first week in september..and even though my birthday is on the 10th..no present can compare to the joy i have now knowing that i turned my life around and heading in the right direction...towards god..the only direction .

Sorry if my story was really long,but im sharing my joy with you all..so i had to get deep into it.
Praise the Lord! He is faithful! Nothing like a praying mom. All of heaven rejoices with you. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It should be an encouragement to all who read it. Know that God is always in control. Even when we are not walking with Him the way we should.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Wow, thats inspiring and by far the best news ive heard all day amidst the terrorist bombings and threats of hurricanes and such. I felt lifted as i read your testimony and feel that I need to rededicate my life back to christ. I was saved at a real young age, i knew something was happening at the time because i was crying and it was like i moved to the alter without knowing. Recently Ive been bombarded by this world and the things of it that christ has been removed and replaced.
God bless you
Praise the lord and good morning....thank you both for reading my story and im glad you were both moved by it.And i hope i can inspire more people that the lord jesus will save you if you go to him.Im very blessed to be alive right now..and i just give all praise to him.

Have a blssed day
Thanks for sharing your story, it's just amazing what God can do in our lives.
Stay Real
You are truly Passionate!!

One thing I admire about any man, is a man after God's own heart. I really felt your passion for Jesus in your story and I was blessed by it. Continue to strive my brother and the best is yet to come.

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