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My rabbit

Please pray for my pet rabbit. We think she has a parasite under her neck and she has hair loss around her neck. The vet said it is now just hard muscle that shows there. But he also says it is in prosses of healing. The thing is that the rabbit keeps picking at it and putting saliva. She also picks at it and sometimes bleeds a little. Please pray that the medication will help and that she will stop licking it and putting saliva on it.:girl:
Oh I love bunnies, I have had several over the years. I would like to get one again sometime. I have a dog right now, and I think she would probably like it for dinner! Anyhow I know our God loves all creatures and entrusts them to us to look after and we can pray for their healing. So I will say a prayer for your bunny's full recovery. What is it's name?

Amen: God cares for the animals...Jesus said he feeds the birds of the air and so on. Will be praying for your rabbit.

Luk 12:6 Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?
Glad you asked. She is doing a lot better. To me, in my non-proffesional oppinion, it seems like she growing new skin over the dry muscle. She is so good. She lets me put on her medicine without a fight. Thank the Lord she is doing a lot better. Thanks for your prayers. I know they have helped. Pray now that the Lord will heal her completely. Thank you sisters. Most of all that you Lord.:girl:
:love: Greeeeat news! She is doing a lot better! The affected area is now really small. Mostly, it is now new, healthy skin! Praise the Lord!
This thing about my rabbit getting sick was actually a bitter/sweet expierience. Because, before, I was not that close to Whiskers. But now, that I have had to put on her medicine and spend more time wilt h her, I have gotten a lot closer to her.
Praise the Lord healed her so much!

your sis in Christ, Julie.:girl_hug:
Please continue to pray for her. It has gotten smaller than before, but it is starting to go backwards. It is bigger than it was a couple of days ago. Please pray that will permantly heal.
your sis in Christ, Julie.:love:
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