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my hobbies!

i love soccer! It is almost tryout time (2 weeks to go) so I am in training big time now! Does anyone else here play soccer? Because of the weather here our season is September-May...when I was away at school we could onl play indoor soccer suring the school year...so I am really happy to be home and able to play outdoor again!

I like reading...i read pretty much anything! Most of the time I like reading "fluffy" books that just take my mind off of things and let me imagine I am in the book (geek i know! lol).

my newest hobby is cooking and baking! I actaully wrote it into my wedding vows that I would learn to cook...soooooo it's been a year now, I better get on it hey! lol. I want to learn how to cook all sorts of healthy meals before we have kids...and hopefully some meals for families on a budget!

hmmmmm what else do I do? I spend time with my family, I run, I love doing arts and crafts type things...yeah that's about it!

it's fun reading what you all enjoy doing...so please post if you haven't!

Talk to you soon!
Krista :)
you are not a geek because you read! anything but!!
i also LOVE reading.
have a blesed day!
You sound exactly like my daughter and I think she is the greatest ! I pray that you continue to enjoy all the things that are your hobbies . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
I like reading books as well, but I'm quite a slow reader so I don't read as much. Unlike me my sister gets through many books in a few days!
i'm like in love with books! so you're not a geek Lol
Stay Real
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