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My hobbies are

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My hobbies is watching rugby, reading books, playing netball, :shade: listening to music and chilling with my friends......

Thanx for reading my hobbies!!!!
Hi there

I too am a Bok. Although I reside in the UK now *sigh*. Rugby is hands down the best sport lol. Viva la Lions!!!!!!!!
cool my hobbies are swimming, cycling,running and trampolining and i like the victorians too.
God is my personal coach
I like swimming in the beautiful Cape Town sea, reading books(- duh!what else does one read??) chilling with my friends, praising God..........

God bless
An American Speaks???

My favorite hobbies are: drawing, making or buying creative gifts for people---encouragments for those you love---- coming up with questions for the strangers in my life who don't speak much, learning from other people, reading other peoples thoughts, playing on my cell phone, driving my car, re-reading old sentimental books, listening to music that brings back old memories, going over to my brother's apartment, being alone at times to enjoy nature or pray with my God---sometimes its good to be alone away from friends and family, just to sort things out in your thoughts and pray------and e-mailing. ^_~

I like to horse ride, jet ski, shop, got to Sunday school, ice skate, spend time with my family, play with my brothers, and play piano.
Nice hobbies, I like to read and listen to music too. I also like to paint, draw, take pictures, garden, and quilt. I'm getting into scrap booking, I'm new at that. Have a great day everyone.
my hobbies are reading, singing, listening music, gardening, writing and my new hobby is browsing christian sites....
I too love rugby union!!!! HOWEVER i feel much more inclined to supporting the Wallabies!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie... Oi Oi Oi!!! lol...
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