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My Friend Jesus

Hi Nikki, I'm a new member but not a new believer. Yours is the first message i've replied to because it sums everything in those 3 words, I LOVE JESUS, thanks be to my Lord and
Savior who took all the sins of mankind on himself. There is no greater love.
God bless you!
Welcome to Talk Jesus
I'm happy to hear you Love Jesus, we here at Talk Jesus do too, and hope to hear from you around the site
Peace be with you,
Staff Member
You won the award for the best new member introduction! :)

Welcome to our family and as you can we all love Jesus also

may the Lord bless you indeed, for you have stated in 3 words what theologians will debate in volumes

welcome to talkJesus, i hope your stay here is a part of a wonderful journey for yourself and that you may also help others here along there journey also

God bless