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My Bible School Graduation!

Hey, I graduated from Bible School today. It was really awesome and I wrote a last minute poem to inspire others to participate and love God with all their heart. Well here it is:

Four years ago to Bible School I came
And started learning about His Holy Name.
Many times I didn't want to come,
But when I did, the work got done.
Many times I didn't learn,
I tell you now 'cause I'm concerned.
Do your work, you need your education
And when time comes, you'll reach your destination.
Read your Bible, ingage in His Word.
Say a prayer when you are bored.
When you come here, do not be late.
Make it fun, Participate!!!
Do your work now, you won't regret it.
God will give you His blessings, you will never forget it.
I pass you some blessings, some day you'll feel it.
Just remember one thing, no one can steal it.
Open your heart, accept His power.
Be bright in this world like a small flower.
God will bless you, that you will see,
I want you blessed as He has blessed me.
God bless you 487 . You have been such a great testimony here at talkjesus ! Continue in you're serving Jesus Christ ! You have blessed so many by being here . I believe that TalkJesus will become a mighty worldwide church witness ! Satan hates this site because it is growing stronger as a church body and reaches around the world ! I feel allot of brothers and sisters growing closer and closer everyday ! What an honor to share what God put in you to millions of people ! We are growing and satan cannot stop it !!! Jesus is Lord . :love: :boy_hug: Brother Mike
Hey Brother Mike, What did you mean that i have been a great testimony? please explain, i dont really understand. I don't really see how I'm a blessing but I'm glad you think so. I am glad God is using me. Satan's going all the way down, We are gonna kick his butt. well only with Jesus. Well thanks anyhow for your comment. Oh yea, I found out my dad could be a pastor, he has the license. isn't that cool? well ok, talk later, bye
I meant a great testimony of Gods love in posting and in chat ! I think you are awsome and a blessing to us all ! The youth group thread really gave my daughter confidence to get moving with the Lions & Lambs Youth Group ! She is working hard making envelopes , t-shirts , hats , and a picture collection I want to dedicate a whole page on the Brothers In Arms website ! You are a great testimony ! Amen . Mike :love: :boy_hug:
OH wow Priancess
What a great poem!! You are a blessing to God 's people. Continue to let Him speak thru you and you will write many poems for His glory!
Congrats on your Graduation !
Wow that was really nice. You must of had allot of fun. That must of been really exciting to graduate. These things are really important. You need to know your Scripture. It is needed all your life.