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My baptism in the Spirit

For a long time I was saved and simply going to Church on Sunday as the thing to do. After a painful divorce, panic attacks and deep depression I began seeking God in a more intimate way. My friends had fellowship with me on the weekends and told me of a deeper walk with Jesus. After a couple of years of God cutting away the junk, it happened. My friends were laying hands on me and praying. The tip of my tongue and the roof of my mouth became very hot. I opened my mouth and different languages came out all night long. That first night I prayed in tongues that sounded French, Latin and Hebrew. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will put someone on my heart and I will cry in intercession because I don't know what to pray. Sometimes when someone lays hands on me I will fall to the floor in wonderful peace. There is such a fire in me, I want to grab a bullhorn and jump on top of my car and preach the Gospel of Christ. Some members of my family and others who knew me in the past think I've taken things a little too far, but that's OK.

Be blessed,
Formerly Adiaglow
I think it's wonderful that you take this to heart & so seriously. There is nothing wrong with being passionate and going with your feeling at that moment. God is working in you, obviously. :)