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Morning Glory

Morning Glory

I walk through the stillness in the morning when the dew still fresh lightly kissing the early morning glories,

Fog lifting revealing all of gods glory through out his creation. Smell of pine fills my nose . Birds chirping fellowshipping with each other. I breath in all of the amazing fresh air and praise god for another day us his beauty. Off to the distance the sound of leaves rustling . I can see the Rabbits nibbling on the clover growing wildly beneath the tall trees that is surrounding me. I feel gods presence so strongly. I raise my hands in adoration to the father, longing to be filled with his presence. I know my god will never leave me nor forsake me. So whom shall I fear?

I close my eyes thinking to myself why at times do I feel so far away, why sometimes do I fall so short. I only want to be with you Lord. Such a peace fills me I walk along side my plants and see every new bloom showing all its beauty the sent of roses , and pansies flashing their precious colors for me to see. The ground still damp from the dew feels so good to me. Its coolness and dampness reminds me of the springs where I canoe.

I walk through the leaves and listen to sound of them as I brushed them with my feet. Birds soaring through the air

for a berry to eat I sit in my swing and watch them fly from tree to tree. God truly has blessed us with so much beauty. The scripture that comes to mind is be still and know that I am God Psalms 46:10 also be still before the Lord and wait patiently on him psalms 37:7. Why is it at times it is so hard for us to do. Look around you out your window in your yard he is there in everything he has formed that is his work. If he can do all that then he can fix our problems and situations. Have you given him the glory and honor he truly deserves? For all he has given us and yet to me I find myself thinking Lord I’m not worthy of all you bless me with. He loves us that much. Think of that for a moment today walk outside and see his mighty works and then ask yourself why do I doubt The, for you are The Creator of all. I know at times I get to where I feel things are hard and things I don’t understand it is then the Lord reminds me with this scripture I will never leave nor forsake you Joshua 1:5.