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Mission Trip

Ok this is my first start of a tread... boy am I nervous tee he he... I am asking you guys to keep me in prayer about a missions trip that I am trying to go on. The trip is in October and it is in Poland we will be helping in building a church. The trip is 11 days and I have to raise 1,500$ by September. I also have to have a 300$ deposit in by the end of may. Which I thought I could do until my mini van broke yesterday and it is in the shop..... but anyway.... Also I was born in England so I have dual citizenship and I need the paperwork part to go smoothly because my birth certificate is in shambles.... So please keep this in your prayers... I know if the Lord wants me there I will be there... I just want do God's will.... God Bless You all! :love:
I pray that Gods will be done in you're life as he wishes . Also that you will lack , or be in want for anything to fulfill Gods plan for you in every area of you're life , in Jesus name . Amen . Mike :love: :boy_hug: :thumbs_up
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Amen Jesuslovesu, GOD will bring you there if it is His will for sure, and clearly your heart is open to His will.

I will pray for you