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Mighty To Save

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Wittywriter:), Mar 7, 2018.

  1. This battles so over and done
    Ive cried an ocean of tears, I've completely come undone
    Lord ive been so broken when i wasnt giving into you
    My flesh had me torn and dead inside, not knowing what to do
    God showed me His faithfulness
    He comforted me with His unfailing love
    I learned not to rebel but to trust
    You were there for me when I needed you
    You gave me a new heart that bursts with love for You
    I look to the cross because the Lord gave His life so I could be new
    My heart of stone you removed
    You gave me a heart of flesh filled with love for all the things you do
    Your love, your mercy, your compassion
    My heart responds and I want to do what You do
    To love and care like you do
    Making myself an open vessel for you to use
    Let me share your love on these broken streets
    Help those in need
    Share the comfort and peace you first gave me
    Lord you're King of my heart and your Spirit reigns in me
    Sin cant conquer me the chains were broken when i trusted in you
    Now im alive im so brand new
    Sin left me hopeless and relying on my flesh
    Anxiety and depression cycled through my heart instead
    But when I trust in you Lord Your Spirit sets me free
    Guiding me to do good things you've planned for me
    Your Spirit rules in me and Im all about love, joy and peace
    You break sins chains
    This life is all about You
    Theres no rest for the wicked
    Lord i turn from evil and look to only to You
    Peace is relying on Gods Holy Spirit to change everything we do
    Rest in Him and have a humble gentle heart
    Spread love everywhere with a smile on my face
    Knowing You love me and I am forgiven
    Covered by Your grace
    Your power is so great
    Your plans are life changing
    Im swept away
    Give your life to Jesus, there is no chain He cant break
    There wont be another smile you'll have to fake
    Because His love is unfailing and genuine
    He goes all the way flooding the darkness with His light
    Chasing the pain away
    He gives me love and I am saved by His amazing grace
    This love is deeper, this grace is wider then I could ever anticipate
    Little ones in His hands are forever safe
    We are His little ones when we believe in Him always
    Believe it the Lord is Mighty to Save
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  2. What a beautiful piece of writing, written with so much conviction. Very heartfelt. No doubt. Peace
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  3. Ditto to what you said. It was a wonderful picture of God's grace to us.

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