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Make Talkjesus part of devotions

Talkjesus has become for me a great daily devotional to the LORD and also to many brothers and sisters in CHRIST . I look forward to the great insights , and the many different ways that GOD uses his people on this site . I have been blessed to see the zeal of people who may have just got saved , and I have also enjoyed the challenges , and wisdom of many christians who have been saved for years , and have learned through trials and testing's , allowed to come their way by our LORD JESUS . I have read desperate prayer's , and rejoiced with answered prayer's . The arcade is fun , and the leaders are committed ! I hope all who visit talkjesus , would keep coming back , as part of you're daily devotionals . I have been saved for 20 years , and this is truly a GOD inspired , JESUS centered , HOLY SPIRIT visited , great time !!!
GOD bless our leaders , and all who visit talkjesus ! Mike :love:
Amen Strypes! I agree with both of you, the Holy Spirit is what makes this site such a great place for fellowship! It is also important to get our "daily bread", the Word of the Lord!