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Major Revisions: The Talk Jesus Total Revamp Thread

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Staff member
We're back online after 2 solid straight weeks of maintenance mode. I hope you all enjoy the changes below.

Major Revisions & New Features

  • Redesigned: new improved, refreshed design (more intuitive, modern, and user-friendly)
  • Bible (powered by eBible, improved, intuitive and at your finger tip with notes features, highlights, etc.)
  • Media Center (upload videos from GodTube, YouTube, Vimeo, Picasa, uStream, Veoh)
  • Picture & Album Gallery (its back!, improved and much more exciting)
  • Bookstore in partnership with Christian Book Group
    • your purchases of music, books, dvds and ebooks will help support this ministry
  • Facebook Login (you may link your current profile to your Facebook one too!)
  • Questions (aka Ask & Answer)
    • This is more of a fun feature, primarily off-topic discussions
  • Chat Room (new software, audio/video for select members)
    • Android & iPhone Compatible!
    • Download Android app here and iPhone app here (it'll ask for Chat ID, it is "1" without quotes)
  • SMS Text Messages (receive SMS texts to your phone informing you of new messages, replies to posts, etc)
  • Mobile Theme Friendly! Check out www.talkjesus.com via your mobile phone, it rocks!
  • Member profiles greatly improved and enhanced. Example

Tweaks & Minor Changes

  • Blog removed
  • Auto Draft (automatically saves what you type in editor every minute + restore draft option)
  • Improved Editor (more options, nicer layout/design)
  • Social Bar on your left including Mobile QR Code
  • Improved Arcade design to make it cleaner, user friendly
  • New "lights out" feature in Arcade. Play a game in theater mode
  • WYSIWYG Editor finally available in Chrome browser

Moderated Features

  • Media Center moderated video submissions
  • Album Gallery photos moderated prior to approval
  • Registrations still moderated before approval

Leftover ToDo

  • Activate Ad campaign on Google, Facebook and other potential spots
  • any new ideas I may have will be added :smile:

Help Out Talk Jesus Community!

Here's how you can help...

1. Use the "Find Friends" feature in the top menu. Invite your friends
2. Support the ministry's by purchasing any Christian related books, dvds, music or ebooks via the Talk Jesus bookstore
3. Let me know if you see any bugs or quirks. I'll iron them out quickly.
4. Share your feedback about all the new stuff especially
  • suggested Media Center categories to add
  • suggested Ask & Answer (Questions) categories to add
  • any other features to add
Loyal Member
Will Do Chad, thank you for all your hard work. I pray that God will use me to fulfill this ministry. To God be the Glory
Staff member
Thank you Chad for all your hard work getting this new look working properly.

Will let you know if i find any bugs around here.

God bless.

Welcome back to the web brother. I was surprised at how many times I found myself trying to log in the last few days, I really missed you guys!
Staff member
Looking Good Brother! Glad you survived the experience!
Many blessings on you and yours.
Prayers for coverage of this site and those who make it happen.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Wow, the site looks great, and I'm glad to see that it is finally up and running. Thanks Chad for all your diligent efforts in putting together this new, revamped Talk Jesus!
New Member
I always check out a book in the public library for all my spiritual reference books so I am sure I love the book and it is filled with correct interpretations of the Word of God before making a purchase to use the book for reference. I will make sure to use the bookstore to purchase them when I come across a great book for my study.
New Member
The new software certainly improves the interaction between the user
and TJ. Well done Chad.

Chad, I saw your photo, why did you paint yourself with Gold paint?

Hello dannibear, now I know what you look like!

Too pretty to be a meanie girl.
Staff member
Matthew 25:21 His Lord said unto him, Well done, [thou] good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of they lord.
Staff member
The new software certainly improves the interaction between the user
and TJ. Well done Chad.

Chad, I saw your photo, why did you paint yourself with Gold paint?

Hello dannibear, now I know what you look like!

Too pretty to be a meanie girl.
Your silly brother :grin: I'm not the one in gold, that's an entertainer. I'm on the left in black shirt. My friend Ron in on the right.

To everyone, I'm glad you all enjoy the new revised forums. For GOD's glory, let's spread the word and be part of the community (read 1st post how you can help).

Thank you.
New Member
Hey Chad I noticed that there is some kind of reward
for the best answer, best question, etc.

Is it working?

Do you have a handicap provision for those who may
require a handicap?

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