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loved god and new to site

I am not to sure what to say. I loved god and i want to meet poeple who loves God too. I found it very hard to meet poeple who loves God. I go to church when i can but everyone is to busy with there lives. I do understand that we have alot of places and things to do. I would like to chat sometimes 12: oclock at night and you do not want to wake a brother to chat. I like to try the chat rooms. which i am not sure how to do but i can learn how.
BlueJay my brother, I fill in my spirit that you are a fairly new believer, and I always love to hear that you have chosen eternal life, you have defeated death. It is very hard to find a good christian friend, because so many live for this sick world. My wife (LadyBug76) and I have just to just be each others best friend in Christ. I do have one friend that the Lord sent to me recently, at my job. My brother, always listen to the Lord for any decisions in your life, depending on man, you will fail always. My wife is on the chat, more than me, she has the gift of helping lots of people. Look for her, she will be glad to listen.

When the Lord closes a door
another door will always open


Welcome to talk Jesus, It is nice to meet you. You will meet many wonderful and kind people here,who will chat with you almost anytime. Day or night.
Hope you will be blessed here!

AlabasterBox :girl: