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Love Our Young

I have a question for all fellow believers and followers out there. Why is it that in the year 2005 it is "inappropriate" to express our love to children?
I am a single male and have been for all of my adult life, I never had a brother or sister and I wasn't very sociable as a child due to the way the medication made my brain work.
I have always had a soft spot for children. They can be so charming and can seduce even the best of us to get what they want. They are so innocent and beautiful with their small perfectly formed bodies.
The reason I have been angered enough to write this thread stems from an incident at a carnival in my home town some weeks ago. I must admit that I have become increasingly aware of this recent dislike among certain people to showing any kind of physical affection to a complete stranger's child, which the rest of the guys who volunteer at the orphanage will testify to. I was on the ghost train at the carnival and each seat on the ride had room for three people. I managed to find a carriage with two young boys in it who were extremely excited, and I must admit when I sat between them and linked arms with my new friends I was becoming a little excited myself. The ride was amazing. The boys jumped and screamed around the carriage with horror as we set forth on our journey and as I am quiet a large man I was unable to move around much myself and only my hands were free to roam. When we finished the ride and re-entered the sunlight the boys parents were waiting for them and went crazy at the sight of the three of us joined as one. As one of the mother's wrote in her statement I was allegedly touching the boys in an inapproriate location, which I refuse to even pass comment on.
What is wrong with the world when you cant even share an exilerating experience (such as the ghost train) with a child without someone questioning your mental stability? Fellow Christians lend me your support in spreading God's message.
Dear Bible Feeler,
Sometimes the lines of whats socially acceptable and whats not become blurred. While i am sure that what you do, entertaining the young and such, is a fabulous gift to society some might inclined to view it otherwise. Like Bible Feeler i am single and never have been in a serious relationship as i am currently too committed to my sobriety and getting my lacrosse back on track. But i am active with my nieces and nephews. I bring them places and enjoy sharing godly affection with them. i buy them candyfloss. and take them to parks and folliage packed areas that are away from the ungodliness of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and really feel there is no wrong in this. I am teaching the children about GOD and his holiness and how he is responsible for all the beauty in the world. The beauty of the world around them they beauty of family and the beauty of themselves. I hold them close to me when they fall and scrap a knee as i feel you were just comforting those boys when they were scared on that ride and perhaps it was misconstrued as something evil. Your volunteering in an orphanage is a wonderful example to us all brother.
May the love our the Lord Jesus who himself loved children be with you brother.
I don't believe it is inappropriate to express our love for children but HOW it is expressed is an issue.

As adults I believe it is our responsibility to equip children with the tools to protect themselves from the minority that can and DO abuse their trust.

As adults, we are strangers to a child and without parental guidance they are vulnerable. Children can be unaware of dangers. Whilst a strangers approach may be innocent, it could encourage the misconception that all strangers approaches have innocent motives. A misconception which could have dire consequences. We as adults do hold great responsibility in educating children.

We nurture relationships with children as we do with adults. So ask yourself would you jump in a carriage with two excited adults?
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Sleepy said:
Whilst a strangers approach may be innocent, it could encourage the misconception that all strangers approaches have innocent motives.

What Sleepy says here is the whole matter.

Bible Feeler, as a single person, it is difficult for you to relate to the bond between parents and children and to understand the reasons for parents' protectiveness of their children. This is not a new thing in 2005. Though I am a more formal type person, who likes to maintain a certain amount of physical boundary between me and others, especially strangers, I had an experience over fifteen years ago that was a similar reaction from a protective parent. I was babysitting a five year old son of friends I'd known for several years. There was a large cushion on my living room floor. Toward the end of the little boy's stay with me, he was playing and bouncing up and down on the cushion. I was standing beside him controlling his fall with a hand on his back lightly pushing on the rebound. He was laughing. His mother came to the door. She couldn't see his face and she was apparently unhappy with something about the playing. Later, she came over alone and tried to kill me - literally walked in my unlocked door, tried to pull the hair off my scalp, and strangle me to death. Only by the grace of God am I alive today. I'd never had such direct contact with someone so out of control. She said, "How dare you push my son down!" I was in shock, but it was evident to me that it is her son, and she had more right to be protective than I had to defend my actions. The mother's temper (and I'm sure she never was intemperate with her son) eventually got her in jail, for an incident unrelated to me. But her possessiveness of requiring a set of rules for what she deemed appropriate for a defenseless little one, I know was her right. Such is maternal and paternal instinct.

It is unfortunate that you have taken such a hard hit on the matter. Still it is crucial for you to keep an understanding that it is always wrong to infringe on the boundaries parents want for their kids. Parents have no choice, especially these days, but to teach their children every possible lesson to keep them safe from potential harm from strangers. There are rules for society and everyone is expected to respect the boundaries the current state of society requires. Your grief seems mostly to come from the inability to understand what it is like to be a parent in today's climate. I pray you find expressions of your affection amongst friends and family. The peace and companionship of Jesus be with you.
Hey BibleFeeler,
As being strangers to the children and the parents you have no idea if be chance there was some kind of abuse to the parents as they were growing up. more people are comin forward today in convesations of their past.so maybe it was a trigger that set them on a moment of their own past, but also as all the molestastion going on these days in the media, and all the sexual immoral coming out of the closet and wanting marriage rights might have something to do with it too. so don't allow yourself to be down rejoice in Jesus and know He knows all things .His judgement is the only judgement we need to worry about and knowing this will keep you strong in His commandments, laws, statures, and will . God Bless you brother and I'll ask our Heavenly Father to fill you with His JOY !!!!! God Bless You your BROTHER Gene
A little odd

:rose: I just have to voice a bit of objection to your statements about children. I don't believe the appropriate way to describe a child is by calling them seducers and I don't ever recall thinking that they had perfect bodies, just little and innocent. As a parent, I would object to any stranger touching my child. The odds of sexual abuse is pretty significant. May the Lord heal you and help you understand why the need to touch these strangers existed in the first place. I hope you find cousel and friendship where you can feel at ease to express your thoughts. Amen. Like I said Bible Feeler, what you said, just doesn't seem quite right and better to err on behalf of children. Please stop thinking that children seduce or be excited about their "perfect" bodies. That is wrong thinking and I pray that you understand this. I don't often object to anything, it is just that I love children so deeply and get very angry over the issue of child abuse. Jesus said to us basically,"don't you dare hurt those kids".!!!! Beware, anyone that does. And that is that. Amen :rose:
Bible Feeler, I have worked with kids ever since I can remember, whether at a camp as a teen or as a Youth Leader, as a photograper, in Church and as a CYW or a Behavioural Teaching Assitant in a school. I have never touched, put my arm around any child I do not know. I don't care if it is 2005 or 1940, we don't touch little kids. "Perfect little bodies" I don't get that? I'm the adult, there is no way on this earth can any child "seduce" me or adults, terminology is off here.

Dictionary definition for Seduce:
1. Induce to have sex
2. Lure or entice away from duty, principles, or proper conduct.

If that is your view(perfect bodies, seduce) of little children then that is not appropriate.

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"Fellow Christians lend me your support in spreading God's message."
Just curious as to how you were spreading God's message for Him with those kids?
Just Checking In Bible Feeler

:wilted_ro Did a little looking at your previous posts Bible Feeler and others may want to do the same thing. You are taking everyone for your own amusemnent ride here at talkjesus Bible Feeler. You have at least 4 different versions of how you became saved and some pretty "arousing" stories to boot. Why were you excited on the ride and what statement did the mother have to make about you and her child and what do you mean, "only your hands were free to roam". Like I said, I looked at all youir posts and you are making a mockery of people who trust in our Lord. Why would anyone have the courage to make mockery of the Lord, is beyond me. Hell is a reality. No other issue steams me, than the issue of child abuse, as told by you in this column and the one with Spartucus, your nephew. I hope you haven't hurt any children. Why were you fired from teaching kids? You really found that your play with words at talkjesus, was amusing didn't you? Forgive my anger anyone that reads this. Just take a look at all of Bible Feelers posts and reread this present post of his. I pray to God, that you haven't hurt a child any worse than you already have. I wish the Manchester police could read all of this, they would find it quite intreresting, don't you think Bible Feeler?
Sorry to anyone, that I sound so harsh. Talkjesus and our children always need protecting. Holy Spirit, please help deal with this awful situation and forgive me for my anger. I just love children Holy Spirit and I love You. Father, please take action against this in Your way Father. You are beautiful Jesus and I pray that Your childsheep are safe. Amen :wilted_ro
mymakersdaughter said:
Pixie you are so on the ball on this one. Good job!
You guys hit it right on!

Mymakersdaughter and Pixie, thank God you are both telling it straight! I was unutterably baffled by Biblefeeler's description of children, and even taken aback by calling kids on an amusement ride "my new friends," but had no idea how to confront that condition.

Bible Feeler, you need intensive Christian counseling. I hope you will get it.