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Lord give me power to live.......

I wish to tell to You my story. I grew in Church from 15 years, me already 26 years, that is I cristian 11 years. All these of year I prayed for that me the heart to give and devote first of all to the God, and in in the second to volume to the only thing which will come in my life once and for all from the GOD and that the word is LOVED by me have told once and for all... All my girlfriends already married and with children even, and I all waited for that ONLY THING WHICH to me will be given by the God and piously trusted, that the mistake at me in any way will not occur, how I asked about the Gods favour and protection in this question that as in above mentioned history my heart was not pleased on the right and on it is left to everyone to whom, only it is possible. I on character very strong and am a lot of in a life for the 26 years have passed, from what certainly heart all becomes more purely and more purely. I NEVER ALLOWED ANYBODY the OCCASION EVEN TO SPEAK ABOUT me BADLY HOW FOR ALL THESE 11 YEARS In CHURCH At me NEVER were FRIENDLY ATTITUDES With GUYS And IF I LIKED WHOM THAT In Church I not wishing to submit what that hope at once put all on the places. And here almost already one year ago I have got acquainted with the person whom I dreamt in the childhood (in a dream I was its wife. he was with a beard military man, such trees which I did not see at us in Ukraine , that is in a dream I saw them for the first time in the life and have been surprised, and they grow in Waycross, whence it comes. In a dream I knew, that it is dissolved and at it two children who in a dream too were with us (the boy of years 13 and the girl the blonde of years 4)) It was from state Gorgia. I have not paid to it attention when we have got acquainted, and it has turned. It has got acquainted with my friends in Kiev at the airport. When we have lead all together one evening and I have seen, how steadfastly it observes of me I was guarded, how on mine it was completely not such as I always think.after it has told, that It the militarian, is dissolved, at it two children as to me and dreamed, it with a beard and in its city such trees my heart is simple grow up and my heart
has opened. It was very difficult to me to understand, why I which so took care all these of year, meets the person who had family. us there were mutual relations and I understanding serious its past constantly it asked all about his intentions to me how I have been already enamoured on 100 %. It has left home for America for 20 days and has returned to me to Ukraine. We have lead holidays all family. It has got acquainted with My grandmothers, aunts and sisters and brothers. My Brother very much serious spoke with Him that I SHALL very hard transfer, if that that will not turn out At us With Him HOW the brother KNEW THAT I In the LIFE STILL NOBODY LOVED Also IT EXPERIENCED. And IF it is necessary for him, THAT THAT ANOTHER (SEX), Instead of I at it NOTHING WILL turn out HOW I the VIRGIN (YES In the 26 YEARS I the VIRGIN , BLONDE With BLUE EYES). It, as the adult the man operated VERY WISELY And IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY TRIED TO BRING BUSINESS To IT, BUT I HAVE precisely solved In MYSELF, THAT In my LIFE IT HAPPENS, ONLY In my FIRST MARRIAGE NIGHT THAT to me ALL DID NOT SPEAK HOW I COMPLETELY SHALL BELONG ONLY to my UNIQUE HUSBAN.tHIS DOES NOT HAPPEN .... Holidays have ended also to it it was necessary to leave again for America and it has left and has not returned any more..... Has passed 10 months, and from It not words and if You only knew, that I have transferred, in fact the present feeling to not cut down and an axe... I did not eat, did not sleep also all time cried, only weeks two as has departed....... All did not know, that with me to do, how all for me has lost sense, Only the God has kept me from awful consequences which came to to me mind...

And, that I wait here 26 years of that only thing. I that which dreams of the house with the Unique Favourite person for all life, before last breath, about children who will be similar on my Only thing, have not got in strange history with the person at which on mind there was at all what in language and if You to me have read through its letters NEVER WOULD believe, WHAT hE ON SUCH CAN DO THIS.ÀND WHAT ABOUT MY dream????At me it is so much questions, but the God is silent..........................
Hi lana,
I had the privlege to read your first post about the dream man from Gorgia Usa, an army man and how you encounter with him has impacted your life to the point that you feel let down by God,Its a pity.Heart aches normally devastates very gentle souls like your.From the mail i could tell you realy treasured this fella and sure wanted him for a good reason ,ie to settle sown with him as his wife and to bear children .But wait ago friend, sometime what looks good to us is to God not the right one .Mr right is on the way, 26years is not a very long time, consider others who go up to 30 ,still virgin.You are not an exception.The Bible which is the truth says, delight yourself in the Lord and He shall grant you the desires of your heart.For once desist from levying blames on God ,he is such a father that no man can compare to him.Love from men are temporary but from him is absolute.Did i say absolute ? yes ,even to the point of him knowing who is right for you.There are things that are predistined for us and its only God who knows where they come from.And if you find this as any good advice ,please friend forget about the american liutenant and focus on the one who alone is our father ,the God of Heven,
Should i write to you again?
thanks and loooking forward to your reply
Smilly (uganda)
Dear, Lana !
Don"t remain looking only for you problems. You must keep your faith, You have to got spiritual eyes. Don't remain watching for your present, neighter for your past, let keep burning the blame of love in your heart,look for tomorow not for today, look for the future Jesus, have to give you, don't look for today. Jesus certainly will bring what you need for your joy, He will bring what you need for tomorrow. I'm sure Jesus has a especial love for you, keep waiting, your body is temple of the holy Spirit, you are doing the right thing don't give you are almost getting at the promisse land you are a princess many man would like to have a woman like you, we all have problems we are all im the same situation, we don't belong to the world anymore that is serve Jesus.
It turn all more difficult, but it is also to much better, there is nothing better than wait for our wife, our husband to be only of them.
Most of us have make the same decision. At the moment I have been also waiting for about 6 years, and I also feel like were virgin again, and I will keep waiting.
I know that it will be good.
That is my pride !
It must be yours.
I'm not blond, and don't have blue eyes but i don't give up, i want a women fuul of Holy Ghost, that relly love the gospel and does'nt metter were she is at this right moment: Africa Asia, América, Jesus will bring her to me like He also make with Isaac.
You are a pretty womam I already love inthe name of Jesus !
God Bless you !
Hello Lana,

Thank you for sharing your hearts cry. I am sorry that happened to you. Our dreams are part of who we are. The only one who knows us completly is our Heavenly Father. He knows you and your dreams Lana. He is touched with your cry. His whispers of love and comfort sometimes are drowned out by our dissapointments. But, I'am learning that when I still my aching heart and listen with my third ear, the one in the middle of my hEARt I can hear His amazing love. He whispers softly saying, "I see your dreams my love and I will make them come true in the perfect time." Sometimes its hard to trust His timing, but, it is best. Hope is the anchor of our soul, trust your Heavenly Father Lana, He is better than all of hamanities dreams put together, better than anything we can desire....