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Looking for Jesus according to Matthew



38) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus explains he has come to fulfill the Law!

- He adds that to enter God’s Kingdom people’s righteousness must surpass that of the scribes and the Pharisees!

- The Law written by Moses showed that the Israelites and the Jews were nor able to follow it!

- It’s like when we remember Jesus speaking about the religious leaders saying something and doing something else!

- Yes, do and teach!

- Yes, the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees was poor!

- And we have to do a lot more then that!

- It must come from the heart!

- Yes, we must breathe God’s word every day!

- It must penetrate every cell of our bodies!

- It must go though all the interconnections of our brain cells!

- Then we will be able to open many doors which we can find in the Bible!

- Yes, our heart must grow and grow!

- Yes, we must learn and tell every day!

- But it doesn’t mean being extremist!

- Simply normal people who have to act and play their part!


39) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus says people must not only murder but must not continue wrathful with his brother or address his brother with an unspeakable word of contempt if they don’t want to be liable to the fiery Gehenna!

- That’s man’s trouble!

- That’s man’s history!

- Man never understands!

- He repeats the same mistakes!

- He repeats the same foolishness!

- That’s why we are where we are!

- It is pure logic!


40) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus says you can’t offer a sacrifice and at the same time have a problem with your brother!

- It is necessary first to make peace with him and then you can offer your sacrifice!

- The world in which we live is complicated!

- Men are complicated!

- And not only that, everything is getting more complicated!

- As Christians, we should make it easier!

- By avoiding such complications!

- By doing small things to make it easier!

- It is not always easy!

- By having a simple life with simple needs!

- By enjoying our families and our friends and our pets!

- By giving and spending time with them!

- It’s not when it’s too late!

- It’s now!

- We can try to have a healthy life!

- We must protect our mental and physical health!

- We must use our brains and bodies in the best way possible!

- We must regularly think about that!

- And not when we get into trouble!


41) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus tells us to be quick to settle matters with our legal opponents before being at court to avoid trouble!

- Because we will have to pay over our last small coin!

- Thus we must always be careful!

- If we are in the wrong, we could get into more trouble!

- But we live in a complicated world where it is easy to get into trouble!

- And we need to learn how to defend ourselves!

- But it requires preparation!

- And the more we learn how to defend ourselves the more we prepare ourselves to what may happen!

- If we don’t learn with what we live we will never learn!

- And we must better be quick!


42) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- You must not commit adultery!

Jesus goes further by saying everyone who keeps on looking at a woman so as to have a passion for her has already commited adultery with her in his heart!

- Man has never enough!

- He always wants more!

- It is in his brain!

- It makes its way inside the brain!

- When you think right, you do right things!

- When you think bad, you do bad things!

- Think about the devil!

- He was jealous of God and he wanted all men to worship him and follow him and go away from God!

- Think about the demons!

- They started to look at women!

- And they ended leaving everything to go down the earth and get married with women!

- And they lost their special relationship with God!

- It was their choice!

- What about us?


43) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus says it is better to lose one of our members than our whole body to be pitched into Gehenna!

- To avoid a blood poisoning it is sometimes necessary to cut a limb!

- It is easy to be contaminated or influenced!

- It is a question of choice!

- When we keep thinking about something bad, then nothing can stop us to do it!

- When we are alone, we are not influenced by others!

- When we are with a group, we can end doing something we would have never done!


44) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus says that everyone divorcing his wife, except on account of sexual immorality, makes her a subject for adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery!

- Marriage is sacred according to God!

- But the Israelites made it a piece of paper you could throw away!

- And mankind has kept perpetuating man’s tradition!

- Total corruption!

- Completely away from God’s word!

- After Jesus comes back, he will have a lot to do to put everything in order even if many wrongdoers won’t be there!

- And he won’t tolerate wrongdoers!

- That will change at least!

- Waiting for seeing that!


45) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- At the difference of the past, it is not permitted to swear at all!

- When you read these words, it seems they have nothing special!

- But in fact, it is really violent!

- Because it is exactly what they usually do!

- They invent stories!

- They swear!

- But when it is about respecting your word, that’s another story!

- You see politicians, religious leaders and businessmen making speeches and promises but reality is different!

- And many people do the same!


46) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5: At the difference of ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth’, Jesus says you must go in the other direction!

- We live in a society which is more and more violent!

- When you watch TV, when you listen to the radio, when you read newspapers or your cell phones, when you play video games, violence is everywhere!

- And Jesus tells us to refuse such a general state of mind!

- Of course, it is difficult not to follow the trend!

- But this state of mind is destructive!

- And every time it is worse!

- There is no limit!


47) Looking for Jesus

Matthew 5:

- Jesus tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us!

- Thus we may prove ourselves sons of God because he makes his sun rise and rain on both the wicked and the good and the righteous and the unrighteous!

- If we love those who love us, what reward do we have?

- Thus we must be perfect as our Father is perfect!

- Are you always ready to speak about God’s word to anybody!

- Are you always ready to speak about God’s word even to those you think you waste your time?

- When you speak about God’s word, we never lose our time!

- Jesus was always ready to speak about God’s word to anybody and especially the Pharisees!

- And he was often hard on them!

- And they were always fighting with him!

- And they weren’t sincere!

- Just selfish!