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Looking for friends to discuss

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by asemkakz, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone.Let me introduce myself first. I've been a Christian since I was 10 years old. I live and work in Akmaty, Kazakhstan. My family accept Jesus as Saviour. There are some life issues I'd like to discuss on this site. And I really need your advice in order to live the life that will make God happy. I know He always loves us despite the mistake we make. However, shall we learn from mistakes? I mean does it mean that if God punish us it's because we made a mistake ? I keep questioning myself...
    Feel free to write me ) you can contact me by skype: miss_asem :wink:
  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus Asemkakz,

    We are so glad to have you here with us. We are always ready to pray for and give the advice that the Lord would have us give to others. Anytime you need to ask a question you can either post it or pm me and im sure if you ask other members they will be ready to help too. I hope you are blessed here at this site as I have been.

    We all make mistakes and we all fall short, but we are expected to learn from those mistakes so we don't repeat them over and over again. It is when a person refuses to learn from their mistakes and willingly goes about thinking they can do them without any conquences that God punishes. I heard Pastor John Hagee say it once like this " God isn't sitting in heaven saying lets make a deal. He is there saying This is the deal you live
    by my very written word and every word that comes forth from me and I will bless you beyond anything you can imagine, but if you don't then there will be concequences to what you are choosing to do"

    God loves us there is no doubt about that. I know I wouldn't be here without Him and couldn't do any of what I do If He wasn't present in my life. God bless you my new friend and Sister In our Lord Jesus.
  3. Hi Asem, i believe every good father rebukes and disciplines his children as an act of love (Rev 3:19) so that our mistakes will not eventually lead us to hell. So if you believe the purnishment is from God then you can be sure it is with the right intention but often times when we sin, we open the door for satan to come into our lives with his troubles and afflictions (i have a personal experience) and such ones are to ruin us but our Father God is faithful and will surely come in for us.
    God bless you and keep the faith :shade:
  4. Hi Asem,
    Hope all's well with you. God wants all things to be well with you; that's why His Word tells us in Romans 8v28 that God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. So when we are corrected for our mistakes, it is for our good (as was stated in a previous post using a different portion of scripture).

    God doesn't actually give us the punishment we deserve. Jesus Christ has taken our punishment on the cross on which He died so that we could be saved from hell, our deserved punishment, and be born again into His eternal life: knowing the Father, and knowing the One whom the Father sent (John 17v3).

    So, if you are born again, you don't have to worry about puinshment, and if you are being corrected, rejoice in it and learn from it. God loves us, and is watching over us, and is guiding us. Good to know that He cares so much. Bad to take it for granted.
    Be blessed mightily in Jesus' Name:):thumbs_up
  5. Welcome to the community asemkak! Such a blessing to have you here with us. The Lord our God is just and merciful. He gave us His only Beloved Son as proof of this undying Love. He created us and He knows what we are or what we were to become yet He still loves us despite all our faults...despite all our beautiful mistakes He still takes us back.

    Perhaps it would make our life a lot more bearable if we were to learn from our mistakes, but some of us are creatures of habit so this might be a bit difficult.

    The Lord does not choose freely to punish us because we made a mistake. Rather i would like to look at is as a chance for us to realize our wrong doing and ask for forgiveness.
    So yes it would be much easier to learn from our mistakes.

    What we might see as a punishment might be the Lord way of reaching out to us so generally i don't believe the Lord wants to punish us for our mistakes.

    Believe, trust, pray, meditate, and BE BLESSED.

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