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LIVE coverage states Electoral College Vote December 19, 2016

Started streaming 3 hours ago
LIVE STREAM: Electoral College Voting officially takes place today on December 19, 2016. Join us with your calls and comments on social media as we show live coverage of electors from the Electoral College in the states of Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan cast their votes for the next president of the United States.
Democrats make final push against Trump at Electoral College vote

I can't believe there are celebrities making public announcements asking the EC to overturn the people's vote and put Hillary into the office. Total disrespect for the democratic process one thing. But showing that disrespect on behalf of promoting a serial liar and career criminal who sells out America's national security to the highest bidder and believes the rules of office do not apply to her, as she proved as SoS , is beneath contempt.

The left started their campaign against Trump near the election day by asking through media why he hasn't publicly stated he'd concede to the results when he lost the election. When, not if. Now he's won the election and it is unacceptable and no concession is in sight. Regardless of Hillary's mouthing the words that made it seem like she did concede to the results.

A fourth place finisher, third party candidate Jill Stein, pursued recounts on Hillary's behalf. And prior to the election Stein said Trump would be a better presidential choice than Clinton. What bribe caused Jill to change her mind?

What a country. Can you imagine if Hillary had won? A third term for Obama. Gads! That's a nightmare even writing the words.
Staff Member
The liberals and Democrats have truly proven they have no shame, out of touch, no morals and pitifully childish.

Trump won and is our 45th POTUS. We keep him in prayer that Christ reigns in his heart and administration.
it's pathetic is what it is. Don't like how the vote turned out? Ask the Electoral College to betray the people in all 50 states who voted in majority Donald J. Trump to highest office.

Put a serial criminal and pathological liar in office instead. That way she can sell out the country from a higher place of authority this time. And think of the numbered dead if she's really motivated to put war on the table and against Russia.

Did you see the video liberal celebrities produced specifically to the Republican members of the Electoral College? Asking the EC to "vote their conscience"?

Sorry. Very sorry. And for some of them who are old, a shameful legacy as a final act putting their name to such a project.