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Live Chat Rooms

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. The live chat rooms are not busy at all of now. Once more people join and the site becomes more active with hundreds of people the chat rooms will eventually be active with discussions all day long. With your help spreading the word about Talk Jesus the site will prosper and be alive with active discussions.

    Praise Jesus Christ!

    Amen :)
  2. Prayer changes things.

    If I want to help someone,maybe even tell them how to become born again,I always go to my Lord in prayer. I ask him to guide me through every word I say.Then,I ask him to pour his spirit out upon me, that whoever I am talking to can feel the spirit which is inside me.
  3. I do not understand the reason,for 5 forums posts? If you want people on live chat.
  4. To avoid spammers and trolls.

    Understand better now?
  5. thank you Chad

    ok. thank you Chad for your kind attention.

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