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Like a Dove

Jesus Himself did not manifest the power of God until He had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Angels pronounced Him Lord at His birth, but nothing that typified Christ's ministry- preaching, healing, casting out demons-- occurred before the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove.-Matthew 3:16-17. The baptism in the Holy Spirit served as a turning point from natural to supernatural in Christ's life. Jesus immediately began His ministry after being anointed with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit led Him into the wilderness to confront the devil.-Luke 4:1-13. He emerged victorious and then boldly declared in the synagogue of His hometown.-Luke 4:18-19. From this point forward, Jesus did what He was anointed to do.
Many times, the Lord admitted His total dependence upon the Father and the Spirit. He did His Father's will as the power of the Holy Spirit flowed in and through Him. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit always worked together in complete cooperation. As part of this interdependent, triune Godhead, Jesus would not and could not do any miracles until the Holy Spirit had come upon Him.
God never does anything independently of His Spirit. Therefore, welcoming the Holy Spirit into our lives is absolutely essential for us to experience the victory and abundance God has provided. If the sinless Son of God had to be baptized in the Holy Spirit before beginning His ministry, then we too, must be baptized in the Holy Spirit in order to be an effective Christian and have an effective ministry.
Lord, I pray that you will touch the hearts of those who have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit. May they welcome Him into their lives so they can do what they were anointed to do.
Love in Christ, Jan :)
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